Adding a set of wheels and tires can dramatically increase the style and performance of any vehicle—especially a truck or SUV. While there’s nothing quite like a fresh set of shiny new wheels, the impact a set of equally awesome rubber can make can make all the difference in making for an exhilarating highway driving experience or an extended excursion far from where the beaten path ends.

While the last few years have been significantly rough regarding manufacturers’ on-hand supply of parts, there is evidence this year that not even a worldwide pandemic could slow these innovative companies down enough to stop a strong rebound to the market in 2022. All-new and exciting wheel and tire offerings are here, as we are glad to report with this collection of models specifically designed for lowered, ‘bagged, and lifted rigs alike.

There has never been a better time to explore new wheel and tire options while still being able to restock on the tried and true options that you have come to rely on in the past. If you’re currently shopping around for new rolling gear additions to your truck, kick back and thumb through our hand picked selections here to choose from.

VN2338 Boss TT

Based on timeless hot rod styling, the Boss TT wheel features a classic five-spoke design in two finish options to select from—textured black with diamond cut lip or graphite with diamond cut lip. Diameter sizes range from 18-20 inches.

American Racing

JO3C Heritage Series 

This wheel is the direct product of Forgeline’s collaboration with country music star James Otto. The JO3C was created as a modern three-piece hoop manufactured from fully forged 6061-T6 aluminum centers with a traditional five-spoke design with tapered spokes and creative machined details.

Forgeline Alloy Wheels

Motor City

Looking for that old-school look to go with your modernized classic truck project? The Original Equipment Series from Billet Specialties offers just that, along with the clearance needed for upgraded, performance brake systems. Available in 18-, 19-, 20-, 22-, and 24-inch diameters, two hubcap size choices, and multiple finish options, there’s no going wrong here.

Billet Specialties


Building on the style of classic kidney bean wheel designs, Schott’s Accelerator takes that timeless look and adds to it a level of performance and adaptability that comes from a truly custom wheel design. CNC machined from forged billet aluminum for lightweight strength, all Schott wheels are built to order to provide an ideal fit no matter how your truck is set up. Choose from a long list of diameter sizes and finishes to set your project off just right.

Schott Wheels


From the original custom wheel company comes the Avenger—a true directional wheel that is 100% made to order. This offering is directly based on HRBB’s popular design from the 1990s. The Avenger would be the perfect addition for a retro styled OBS build as it is available in 17-24 inches and fits most 5-lug applications. Boyd also offers other vintage wheel designs to give you the right look for your period-correct pickup project.

Hot Rods By Boyd

Rat Rod (Series 63) 8-Lug

If you’ve been looking for a smooth, steel, plus-sized wheel to fit an 8-lug application, the Rat Rod offering from U.S. Wheel might just do the trick. It is available in 20- and 22-inch diameters with many finish options to choose from—custom color requests are also available.

U.S. Wheel

Halibrand C10 Sprint Wheel

Designed specifically for fleetside Squarebody C10 pickups, the nostalgic C10 Sprint wheel has been updated to fit modern tire sizes while taking all the guesswork when it comes to questioning proper fitment, tire clearance and backspacing issues. The Sprint is stronger, lighter, and features higher shock resistance and load capacity compared to a standard cast aluminum wheel. Add all that with multiple finish options, and you just might have found the ideal set of wheels for your 1973-1987 C10.


TS Wheel

Twisted Standard’ is the name of the game here with this new wheel design from U.S. Mags. The TS features a true directional swept version of the standard design and is available in 22×9 and 22×10.5 sizes. Choose from a polished, gloss black with diamond cut lip or Anthracite with diamond cut lip finish to best fit in with your customized pickup.

U.S. Mags

Billet Specialties Reaper Wheel

To add yet another amazing vintage-inspired wheel option to the list, the Reaper from Billet Specialties aims to reset the bar in hot-rod design. As with every other wheel they produce, this one is also precision-machined and finished to give you the very best looking, best fitting wheel to fit your truck project. Choose from 17-22-inch diameter sizes and multiple finish selections.

Billet Specialties

Santa Cruz Wheel

Available in 20- and 22-inch sizes, the Santa Cruz 5 U138 stands as one-piece cast version of the popular forged design. The deep lip mesh design, aluminum push-in cap and option of gloss black, Anthracite and chrome finishes, this wheel will definitely add some class to just about any style truck.

U.S. Mags

Alpha Wheel

Delivering a potent blend of on-road looks and off-road capability, the Alpha wheel has been engineered to maximize caliper clearance and optimize wheel position for unhindered suspension travel and steering function for your lifted truck or SUV. Aluminum alloy construction provides strength properties that are well suited for rugged off-road conditions.

Icon Alloys

Method Racing MR 315 Wheels

This particular wheel is an off-road staple and essentially a street legal version of Method’s 103 off-road wheel. The 315 features a rugged 12-spoke design and a lip undercut that simulates a true beadlock wheel with extra pockets machined out around the edge for further weight savings. These wheels are as durable as they sound as they come in flexing 2,500-3,640-pound load ratings. Optional colorways are available.

Method Race Wheels

H402 Diablo Dually Wheel (rear)

New for ’22 is this killer looking 8-lug dually wheel from Hostile called the Diablo. Available in this Asphalt finish (blacked out) and a blade cut finish (gloss black and milled), the Diablo is guaranteed to supply an added sense of aggression to your heavy-duty tow pig or show truck. Choose the matching front wheel in the size and finish you need (20- or 22-inch) and hit the road in style.


Payback Wheel

BMF’s limited edition Payback wheel features a gloss black finish with the word “payback” milled right into the lip. The look and attitude of this specific wheel is as hardcore as it gets. To help you customize it to fit your specific style, BMF offers a changeable graphic trim ring allowing the user to choose which appearance they like best. Three rings are included with the wheels to get your started, and more styles are on the way.

BMF Wheels

Lincoln Wheel

The Lincoln (yes, it is named after our 16th president) is unique among Arkon’s line of wheels as it is built as a “hybrid” style that features a concave wheel face, deep lip, and milled logo on the center cap. It does feature the revolutionary proper directional design that Arkon offers on most of their wheel selections. The Lincoln stands as one of the company’s most customizable wheels as it is offered in a chrome or black milled finish in diameters ranging from 20-26 inches with multiple widths to select from.

Arkon Off-Road

Recife Wheel

Fuel now offers five in-stock wheel designs that are available and ready to ship. One of those wheel offerings is the Recife FF11, which is machined from 6061 T-6 aluminum and manufactured right here in the U.S.A. Just like Fuel’s other wheel selections, the Recife is available in 20-26-inch diameters—the perfect fit for your rig.

Fuel Off-Road

Guide Wheel

The Black Rhino Guide wheel features a split six-spoke design framed deep within a classic step lip profile and is manufactured using a highly advanced production technique called Flow Formed Technology (FFT). This process alters the molecular structure and enhances the strength of the alloy, which makes it much lighter in weight than a regular cast wheel. The Guide is available in matte bronze, matte black, and Midnight Blue finishes in 16×8.5 and 17×9 sizes to fit select 5- and 6-lug applications.

Black Rhino Wheels

6N12 Brawn SD

American Force creates forged wheels that begin life as a solid block of 6061 aluminum. They are then heat-treated and put through tremendous pressure to create a metal that is dense, uniform, and strong. This process is the ideal beginning for a heavy-duty truck wheel like the new for 2022 6N12 Brawn SD. The wheel is available in 22-, 24-, and 26-inch sizes with multiple custom finishes to choose from.

American Force

Nomad Grappler

Enjoy the hard work Nitto has sunk into creating a highly versatile crossover-terrain tire designed to enhance the capability of CUV and SUV models. The Nomad Grappler does offer superb off-road traction enhancing features like the staggered sidewall lugs and zigzag lateral grooves and is rated for all-weather capability. This tire is built to take on the highway as well as the trail, and comes equipped with a 60,000-mile limited tread wear warranty.


Trail Blade X/T

The X/T is a new type of multi-terrain tire that cuts into the segment between traditional M/T and A/T tires. It offers the open shoulder and sidewall tread lugs of a mud terrain combined with the off-road ability of an all-terrain tire along with the road feel of a highway tire. This combination of utility and a wide variety of sizes makes the Trail Blade X/T a uniquely ideal tire option for SUV, crossovers and pickups alike.

Atturo Tires

Patagonia MT-02 Extreme Terrain Tire

The all-new for 2022 Patagonia M/T-02 tire from Milestar has been developed around years of feedback from real-world off-road enthusiasts and professionals to integrate cross-directional siping, which greatly improves tread block strength and resilience. Milestar’s Miletech 3-ply sidewall boasts added rigidity for maximum durability, yet still pliable and flexible for aired-down bite and rock crawling grip.


Baja Legend EXP

This “Baja-Proven” hybrid all-terrain tire provides maximum on-and-off-road traction with its large surface area tread elements/wide voids. The Baja Legend EXP has an aggressive appearance that offers an optimized tread design and geometry, which helps greatly in noise reduction. The Silica-reinforced T4 tread compound provides excellent all-around performance and lasting tread wear.

Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels

Open Country A/T III

Toyo’s all-terrain tire delivers gripping off-road traction with responsive and predictable on-road handling—the best of both driving worlds. With a strong focus on wet performance, durability and tread wear life, the Open Country A/T III was designed to utilize advances in tread design, construction and all-new tread compounding. This tire is built to get you there and back home again, regardless of terrain or weather.

Toyo Tires

Discoverer Rugged Trek

Cooper’s all-new Discoverer Rugged Trek tire is an all-season wonder that features an aggressive tread design built to deliver excellent traction and comfort on concrete. The Rough Terrain tread pattern does offer that extra grip that is necessary when venturing off the highway when necessary. If you’re looking for rugged good looks and a high quality of comfort in a new truck tire, this one may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Cooper Tire

Grabber X3

Are you ready for an extreme, all-season mud-terrain tire? Look no further than the boldly styled Grabber X3. It is developed to balance superior off-road performance with a quiet on-road ride. This tire comes complete with Duragen Technology, which adds race-proven strength and durability to its highlight reel. Cut through mud, dirt and rock-covered terrain with ease, and cruise home in comfort on the highway afterward.

General Tire

AZ850 Tires

This performance tire for modern SUVs, crossovers, and sport trucks works just as well for muscle cars too. The AZ850 tire is engineered to take advantage of the increased power and handling ability these modern vehicles deliver through an asymmetric tread design, which features different inside and outside contours to achieve optimum balance across the tread face. This, in turn, evenly distributes the pressure of the contact surface to enhance comfort and handling.

Atturo Tires

Roadian HP

The large shoulder block maximizes cornering grip and stability while the arrow-type center rib improves the handling of the Roadian HP high-performance tire. Take advantage of this tire’s excellent grip, even in wet conditions. The wide, deep grooves provide excellent drainage and braking while promoting anti-hydroplaning properties.


Ventus S1 AS

Cruise in confidence with this tires refined handling and steering performance, as well as its outstanding grip control on wet roads. The Ventus S1 AS delivers exciting driving abilities year-round—even in the snow! Not many sport tires can offer that level of all-condition performance, which may make driving your truck well into the winter, a real possibility.


Road Venture AT52

Designed specifically for drivers of pickups and SUVs, the Road Venture AT52 comes equipped with the perfect combination of performance to take command of rugged terrains while providing premium on-road comfort. This tire was built for all seasons, including winter conditions, which makes it a year-round winner for your truck.

Kumho Tire

Dynapro XT

With polygonal blocks and zigzag and lateral grooves, the Dynapro XT tire is an ideal choice for off-road traction in any weather condition. While it does offer rugged capabilities, this tire does also have a quite and comfortable ride to it when on paved roads. Hankook’s ProMileage technology maximizes road contact and evenly distributes forces during acceleration, braking and cornering to help extend the life span of the Dynapro XT.


Baja Legend MTZ Tire

Every year seems like a big year in the terms of new tire releases from Mickey Thompson, but the Baja Legend MTZ might be the most anticipated from off-road thrill seekers. This mud-terrain legend is a dominating force that is purpose-built to conquer every type of terrain it comes across. The silica-reinforced tread compound enhances wet performance, longevity and cut/chip resistance and the Powerply 3-ply sidewall construction makes for superior sidewall protection and responsive handling. A self-cleaning high-void tread pattern and angled shoulder scallops provide additional off-road traction when it is needed most.

Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels


This tire is a tried and true staple in the sport truck market—and for good reason. The NT555 RII is a D.O.T.-compliant competition drag radial that has been designed with additional flexibility to make it a legitimate weekend race tire. Match these with a pair of Nitto NT555 G2 tires on the non-driven axle for an even better time at the track!


Pilot Sport 4 S Tires

When it comes to style and performance, the Pilot Sport 4 S tire has yet to show any signs of wavering. It offers exceptional grip, steering precision, and excellent control—even at high speeds. This is the type of rubber that a driven custom truck needs underneath it. It has been proven at the track as well as on the highway, so your confidence in riding on Michelin Pilot tires should be at an all-time high with a set of these.


Proxes ST III

Another legend in the game is the Toyo Proxes ST III tire. It offers the perfect balance of dynamic looks and sport-orientated performance for pickups and SUVs. A wider tread and silica-based tread compound allow this tire to stop up to 6 feet shorter in wet conditions while boasting incredible handling in all seasons. Expect to see this tire reigning supreme in the custom truck scene for many more years to come.

Toyo Tires


Achieve all the sport performance you crave from your truck with the HTR A/S PO3 tire, as it delivers significantly enhanced wet braking distance, superior grip and handling, extended tread life, increased fuel efficiency, and outstanding winter traction. Yeah, that is a lot to expect from a single set of tires, but that exactly what these have to offer.

Sumitomo Tires

Scorpion AS Plus 3

Pirelli’s all-new, completely redesigned all-season touring tire is specifically designed to increase the performance of SUVs and pickups. The Scorpion AS Plus 3 features a new tread pattern, compound, and construction that yields outstanding mileage, improved wet/dry handling, and increased comfort with a quieter ride compared to its previous generation.


ExtremeContact DWS 06

This premium all-season, ultra-high performance tire is ideal for year-round traction, and comes complete with SportPlus Technology, which provides responsive handling, better grip on wet roads and extended tread life. The ExtremeContact DWS 06’s unique, stylish design will also look great on lowered performance trucks and SUVs.