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WEAVE WITH IT | Cummins Powered F-1 Breaks the Mold 

OK, let’s just get this out of the way first and foremost. We know this is an F-1 and not an F-100 body, but come on now—just look at it! The Weaver Customs team left no stone unturned when building this insanely clean yet very custom Ford F-1 classic to compete for SEMA Battle of the Builders. Randy Weaver and crew set out with one goal in mind: to build one of the most modified custom classic trucks on the planet, but for it to still be classy and fully functional. Well, landing smack dab on our FBG mag cover this month, you can see for yourself that they most definitely pulled it off.

Ford F-1 pickupThis particular Ford F-1 pickup has seen several renditions, but for its last and final execution, Weaver and crew wanted to top all previous versions—and top it they did! Sure, it’s heavily modified front to back, top to bottom, inside and out, but the true genius here is that it’s not overdone in any way. It doesn’t seem too gawdy or overly custom in any area, yet every single part has been touched by the Weaver crew in some shape or form. Setting this build apart from most is the twin-turbo Cummins swap, but what you may notice is that the custom turbo and intercooler piping runs front to back and through the cab as a center-console accent and highlight of the bright red leather interior. We’ve seen a few diesel swaps in our time, but this one surely takes the cake.

It doesn’t seem too gawdy or overly custom in any area, yet every single part has been touched by the Weaver crew in some shape or form. 

Starting from the ground up, this Ford was re-imagined by some of the best and most creative minds in the biz. The Weaver team took a little out here and there, creating an elegantly proportionate work of art. Chopped just 1.5 inches, windshield leaned slightly back, suicide doors, the works—but the team still keeps focus on the classic lines of the old Ford and only cleans up what was necessary before sealing her re-shaped beauty in a fine TorC Grey dress. Custom grille, bumpers, hood, shaped wheelwells, bed and more, yet still as classy as they come.

Twin-turbo Cummins swapThe beauty, of course, is more than skin deep, so moving inward you see a fine red leather cabin adorned with hidden custom touches throughout. As previously mentioned, you see the insane piping running through the cab, but you probably won’t notice the hidden Kicker Q-Class audio throughout. The custom Dakota Digital gauges light the way in a matching red, and the D-shaped Billet Specialties steering wheel lets you know this truck handles as good as she looks.

custom seat covers

Wilwood brakes

The custom one-off three-piece wheels wrapped in Mickey Thompson rubber properly highlight the massive Wilwood brakes with bright red calipers bringing it all together.

Underpinnings are no different, with a full custom smoothed and painted frame featuring Heidt’s Mustang II IFS with tubular upper and lowers where the RideTech adjustable coilovers hang from. Live brake/intercooler ducting hits the massive Wilwood 14-inch 6-piston brakes, and all of the detail you can imagine make the chassis as immaculate as the rest of this build.

In our humble opinion, it’s about as bad as they come!

But most impressive is the insane SEMA timeline this build was put through. Placing as a Top 5 finalist in Battle of the Builders, the Weaver family now enjoy this rig on the open show circuit (what’s left of it this year, sad face). Hearing this thing fire up is surely a treat, and even more so manning the Billet Specialties wheel and feeling all she has to offer. Now again, we know it’s not an F-100, but bringing you the best of the best of ALL classic Ford trucks is what we’re here for!

…the Weaver family now enjoy this rig on the open show circuit…



Mack & Ashley Weaver
’50 Ford F-1
Morgan, Utah

Chassis & Suspension

  • Heidt’s Mustang II IFS with tubular uppers and lowers
  • Custom 4-link rear
  • RideTech adjustable coils front and rear
  • Smoothed and painted frame and suspension
  • Live brake/intercooler ducting front and rear
  • Wilwood 14-inch 6-piston brakes front and 4-piston rear
  • Custom aluminum fuel cell

Wheels & Tires

  • Custom one-off three-piece wheels 18×10 and 20×15
  • Mickey Thompson SR Radials


  • 1994 Cummins 4BT
  • Dodge 47RH trans with full manual valve body
  • Fire ringed heads
  • Twin turbos paired with huge injectors
  • Full 3-inch Flowmaster exhaust
  • 17.5:1 compression
  • Ford 9-inch rear with LSD

Body & Paint

  • Hand-built custom grille
  • Custom bumpers front and rear
  • Custom rolled wheelwell arches
  • Chopped 1.5 inches, windshield leaned back, one-piece side glass
  • Suicide doors
  • Full custom hood
  • Smoothed and Painted TorC Grey by Weaver Customs


  • Reshaped and wrapped Corbeau racing seats wrapped with Pelle Resco Antique Red Hyde’s leather by JS Custom Interiors
  • Custom Dakota Digital gauges
  • Billet Specialties D-shaped race wheel
  • Turbo intercooler piping running through cab
  • Full Kicker Audio setup
  • Custom interior and audio by JS Custom Interiors