Upgrade Your Ride: The Latest and Greatest Hardware for Your Truck

The Right Hardware for Your Hauler

’21-’23 RAPTOR 4WD Helper Bags

By working with the vehicle’s existing suspension, Air Lift 1000 is designed to help with vehicle squat, poor headlight aim, unresponsive steering, trailer sway, body roll, and bottoming out. By properly leveling the load, squat is eliminated, braking is improved, and the vehicle is returned to a level and stable state, allowing users to tow and haul safely and comfortably.

Installation requires no drilling or special tools. Also included is an easy-to-follow, fully illustrated instruction manual for easy installation. In addition, Air Lift offers wired or wireless on-board air compressor systems for convenient inflation and deflation of the air springs.

Air Lift Company 

Custom Coilovers

Special projects often require special solutions. Through the KW Racing Department, coilovers can be configured to deal with added weight or a modified setup for your project. They’re available for off-the-shelf applications or one-off custom builds.

KW Suspensions

’20-’22 Duramax Flashpaq

Flashpaq for 2017-2019 L5P has offered incredible gains and feature sets, but the company now offers added coverage for the 2020-2022 L5P GM Duramax Diesel, too.


20% More Airflow

The patented Flex-Wave electric fan from Flex-A-Lite has more airflow and is more efficient and quieter than traditional S-blade and straight-blade designs. The Flex-Wave fan moves up to 20% more airflow than comparable electric fans—up to 3,000 cfm!


Piston-Style Check Valves

These check valves are designed to ensure oil, fuel, or other fluids flow in the right direction and won’t backflow through the system. That helps maintain line pressure and prevent leaks. Vibrant Performance check valves are available in sizes ranging from -6 to -16 AN and have an anodized black finish.

Summit Racing Equipment

Vortech Superchargers ‘21 F-150

This latest Centrifugal Supercharger kit can take your F-150 to the next level of performance and standout in the popular truck crowd. Utilizing the proven V-3 Si-Trim supercharger and an air-to-air charge cooler, the F-150 tuner kit can boost your stock 5.0L to an average estimated 606hp and 596 lb-ft Torque with 8-10 psi using CA 91 octane fuel.

Vortech Superchargers 


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