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Show and Go Pumps

Available for GM Saginaw or Type II applications, JEGS Power Steering Pumps provide reliability and great finishes. Saginaw pumps include a filler cap. The Type II Pump accepts a press-on pulley. Pulleys not included. The JEGS 60713 GM Type II power steering pump and reservoir assembly let you restore your vehicle’s steering quality while dressing up the engine bay.

JEGS High Performance

  • Overall dimensions: 7 ½ x 7 5/8 x 4 1/8 inches
  • Pressure port: M16-1.5 (for -10 AN fitting)
  • TIG-welded aluminum reservoir
  • Billet aluminum reservoir cap
  • Aluminum power steering pump housing
  • Inlet fitting: 6 AN
  • The pump is a stock replacement with standard 6 AN and 10 AN fittings
  • Included fittings

Pro Elite Heads

RHS Pro Elite LS3 Cylinder Heads sure do flow a lot of air—372 peak CFM on the intake side at 0.700 inches of valve lift and 243 peak CFM on the exhaust side at 0.800 inches of valve lift.

The Pro Elite LS3 heads have a six-bolt head design to provide more clamping force, which prevents head gaskets from popping on high-compression and boosted engines. It also makes the heads compatible with RHS LS Race and Chevrolet Performance LSX blocks. If you have an OEM 4-bolt block, you can still use the Pro Elite LS3 heads by simply leaving the bolt holes for the center cylinders unused.

Summit Racing Equipment

  • CNC-machined 263cc intake and 103cc exhaust runners
  • CNC-machined 68cc combustion chambers with 45-degree valve job
  • Dual valve spring assemblies
  • Choice of 2.165-inch stainless steel or titanium intake valves
  • Stainless steel valves for heads
  • Bronze valve guides and iron/copper valve seats
  • Fully assembled heads include valves and valve springs, seals, locks and retainers

HP Carb

Holley HP carburetors have been the standard in racing carburetors for nearly two decades. HP carburetors are the perfect choice for all types of motorsports.

The new all aluminum 830 cfm classic HP carburetor features a contoured venturi inlet for balanced airflow, screw-in air bleeds for precision tuning capabilities, high flow metering blocks and Dominator style fuel bowls that allow plumbing from either side for ease of installation. Holley HP carburetors are the standard for square bore race carburetors. Race ready, out of the box!



DiabloSport recently announced the addition of tuning support for the 2021 5.7L powered Ram 1500 trucks! From awesome gains of 25-plus rwhp over stock and improved throttle response and shifting performance to disabling the annoying auto start/stop system, DiabloSport has a tuner to fit your needs.


In-Truck Cell Signal Booster

weBoost signal boosters take existing cellular signal and amplify it to provide a strong, consistent signal no matter where life takes you. Whether it’s a family trip and you want to share the adventures on Instagram or FaceTime a friend, or even a routine work trip where you need to place a business call, weBoost is there to ensure dropped calls and slow data speeds are a thing of the past.

Drive Reach: Boosts cellular signal in vehicles for multiple users
Drive X RV: Boosts cellular signal in mobile RVs for multiple users
Connect RV 65: Boosts cellular signal in stationary RVs for multiple users


ECU Pin Terminal Crimpers

Building a custom wiring harness for an EFI or other vehicle electrical system will be a lot easier with a pair of Summit Racing ECU Pin Terminal Crimpers. Designed to make perfect crimps on open barrel and Molex-style pin connectors commonly used in modern wiring harnesses, the crimpers have an adjustable crimping mechanism with die-cast jaws—the crimper ratchets closed, and then automatically releases when the selected pressure is reached.

Summit Racing Equipment


TMI Products recently debuted this 60-inch Deluxe Bench Seat with an all-new design that took over two years of development to perfect. It combines the best qualities of a bench seat, mixed with the comfort and functionality of bucket seats with a center console and a storage area.

The Deluxe Bench was in response to requests made by customers for a bench seat that had all the functionality, comfort and storage of a pair of bucket seats with a console. Now you can get the best of both worlds. Bolstered bucket-style seats that, with one quick flip, turn into a three-person bench seat.

TMI Products INC