Congratulations to Joe Yezzi and his Squarebody Syndicate ’74 Chevy Cheyenne Super 10, winner of the coveted Street Trucks 2016 Truck of the Year award. Many first saw Joe’s C-10 in the November 2016 issue, where it stunned readers with its combination of classic restomod styling and stealthy high-tech engineering. Of course, readers of C-10 Builder’s Guide have been getting glimpses into this squarebody god’s arsenal for a while now!

The amazing attention to detail seems to be what caught most voters’ attention with the “Syndicate-01” C-10, as even items that seemed stock (like the steering wheel) are actually completely custom. Even the engine appears original at first glance, but upon closer examination reveals itself to be a retro-ized LS3. And, no one will ever forget the one-off Delmo Specials billet wheels, which were built to resemble CST hubcaps.

Joe’s ’74 is a stunner, and its been voted 2016 Truck of the Year on our website, To commemorate this monumental occasion, we teamed up with Philbuilt Designs to create some one-off awards. Winners of the “Best Mini-truck” and “Best Blood, Sweat & Gears Feature” have received custom engraved billet license plates. For “Truck of the Year” Philbuilt Designs cut a completely unique billet trophy that has a base made to resemble a suspension link bar. These awards came out exceptional and earning one is something worth striving for. Congrats again to everyone involved!

Joe Yezzi’s 1974 Chevrolet Cheyenne Super 10