F-100s are Definitely Here to Stay

It’s the beginning of a new era, and it’s starting to come to light to more than just us true blue Ford fanatics that F-100s are on the rise. This year’s SEMA Show proved to the classic truck market that the extreme popularity of C10s has led to a quickly saturated market. Shifting gears, builders are looking for new and different directions to take their creative talents—so naturally, Ford F-100s are becoming more and more sought after for both builders and collectors alike. This is nothing new, of course, and is a continuing cycle in the custom automotive after market.

 There is still a ways to go, but at this year’s SEMA tradeshow we witnessed the changing of the tides a bit to include new product lines from companies like Precision Replacement Parts, GSI, FLO Airride, TCI, Dakota Digital, Roadster Shop, Air Lift, TMI, and others who have brought new products to market that now specifically cater to the classic Ford truck market across more generations than just the ever-popular fat fender years. The ’60s and ’70s Ford trucks are making waves, and we’d like to think that we’ve had a small part in helping get the word out to many who have long been F-100 fans going against the grain and building badass blue ovals for decades.

With Ford trucks taking a foothold, we anticipate even more after-market parts becoming more readily available and are looking forward to more and more affordable power plant and drive-train swaps to go with the growing custom restomod style full-frame performance builds. There’s just something SO satisfying about classically designed 50-60+ year old steel truck bodies finding their way onto 21st century chassis technology and drive trains creating the ultimate performance machines. We just love trucks of all makes and models, but damn—there’s something so right about the lines of the F-100s low and mean, and this resurgence has us insanely excited for what’s to come. Stay tuned as we continue to bring it to you real and raw, the way it should be!