Everything’s Bigger in Texas

EVERYTHING IS CERTAINLY BIGGER IN TEXAS, especially most things automotive! From NASCAR to popular custom automotive shops and TV shows, Texas has left its mark on the custom automotive industry and definitely has a strong lineage in the classic truck markets. One prime example specific to the Ford F-100, our first love, is the Texoma F-100 Roundup held annually in Gainesville, Texas.

This all-classic Ford truck show is arguably the largest and possibly the only all-Ford truck show in Texas (and filled in from Oklahoma, Arkansas and surrounding states). The number of Ford truck owners who make the annual pilgrimage to gather with like-minded Ford fans from all over continues to grow year over year. Allen Davis, show founder, and his supportive group of fellow Ford gurus have been hosting this event for the past four years now. Located at Leonard Park, this cruise-in of sorts has gained momentum and popularity to expand through the summer Saturdays. Some really big names have made an appearance in the last few years, and KC’s Paint Shop has come onboard as one of the presenters.

Even if that pesky Texas weather happens to hit, these guys have a plan. With a backup event center on tap, Fords gather rain or shine! Come on out and check it out for yourself. We’re sure you will find something fun and unique and make this a regular part of your summer fun! For more information visit www.texomaf100roundup.com.