Southern Tradition: Cruisin’ and Creatin’ Memories in Canton

A Canton Original

What comes to mind when you think about tradition? Many remember a yearly family reunion. Others relive fond memories of the guys’ night out that created memories lasting a lifetime. In Canton, Georgia, last July, the Southern Tradition crew continued making memories for their fourth year, bringing together like-minded automotive enthusiasts from across the country who were showing amazing rides ranging from high to low, mild to radical, and everything in between. 

Laying out at the Etowah River Park was an impressive spread of custom rides and cool conversations, with HammerD Weekend Wear in the VIP spot slinging killer merchandise as you walked down the sidewalk. DJ Maze dropped the beats all weekend, providing the perfect soundtrack for showgoers to relax and soak in the laid-back atmosphere. The wide-open show field offered plenty of room for activities. Smelling BBQ and various food vendors left you no reason to leave the showgrounds. Stack that up with an epic variety of custom vehicles and various personalities, and the event really was one-of-a-kind.

Meeting and greeting all weekend, we found many attendees are repeat customers. Each year, the crew pulls together the trucks and cars sporting custom graphic paint for photo shoots right outside the showgrounds. They stepped things up a notch this year with a female-rides-only shoot, creating yet again another tradition to include in their yearly shenanigans.

Traditions are created by great people, camaraderie, and memories that last a lifetime. The Southern Tradition crew simply nailed it in Georgia, truly providing a family friendly event. The vibe will give you a small-car-show feel with a big-show punch. So flip through these pages and check out the premium coverage showcasing our weekend in Canton. Once you hang up that 2024 calendar, turn the page to July and put down a big fat check mark for Southern Tradition car and truck show! We will see you there!