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Official Press Release – May 1, 2023

[Engaged Media], the ultimate online destination for every automotive enthusiast, is proud to announce the launch of, a groundbreaking website that will revolutionize the way people engage with the automotive industry. Lead by long-time industry journalist Christopher Hamilton, is being built with a number of major foundations in mind. The first goal is to create the industry’s largest and most complete directory of all automotive events around the US. This directory will be searchable and organizable by location and date, allowing users and creators to easily find and add events. 

With our events piece complete and fully functional, will focus on aligning all Engaged Media Brands digital content under Motortopia. Each auto brand will continue printing, publishing and distributing the highest quality and most impactful automotive enthusiast content from around the automotive culture, as well as unique digital stories and interests that keeps our massive audience engaged. Digital Media that will be unique to Motortopia, as well as a wealth of user-generated digital media from all around the world. will quickly become the industry’s largest and most advanced repository of automotive video channels and content creators anywhere. 

Finally, will be a trustworthy marketplace for online sales or scheduling of user-created goods, automotive parts, customizable and branded apparel, digital and print content creators, industry related servies as well as qualified and dependable used vehicle sales. A leader and innovator that all automotive communities can support and align with.

By quickly building a rich website full of features and benefits that vary between paid and non-paid users, will be quickly known as the internet’s most reliable source for everything automotive. will also become an umbrella for all EM Auto brands digitally by combining all brand websites with sub-domains and landing pages in order to serve unique content to all 200K+ unique monthly visitors.

The digital transition will begin with our fast-growing EV audience as we see more feedback on that brand than any other. The EV industry will see the most growth in the automotive space over the next 10 years, and has aligned itself with that growth by planting a flag now as the best online community for EV enthusiasts.

Our content teams will carry a digital-first model with a mindset of where content ends rather than where it starts. 

To summarize this all, will have a more efficient and all-encompassing content collection process for our unique content, incorporate user-generated content and creators to build organic traffic in the digital entertainment space, and create a solid and reliable online marketplace for small brands, creators, users, and influencers to sell and share

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