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If you remember from the last issue, we removed the factory-installed 4.3-liter V-6 engine from our ’95 Chevy C1500 and tossed it in the scrap pile. It’s possible to utilize it later on for a quick flip project, but with how cheap they are to buy on the marketplace, the space it takes up is more valuable than the cost to buy a replacement. Trey at Overpower Customs in Lake Park, Florida, has a tremendous amount of experience with engine swaps and building power, so we knew he was the right man for the job. Our Blueprint Engines 383c.i. Stroker motor came in a crate and pre-dyno tested so we know it’s ready to put in the truck, but bolting up the clutch and transmission before installing it is so much easier if you have the option.

Centerforce is the clutch of choice for our project and recommended by American Powertrain. Centerforce offers the broadest performance-based clutch assemblies, flywheels and accessories without compromising quality or integrity. This setup also allows the use of our factory driveshaft so there’s no need to shorten the original or custom order a new one. With our new powertrain assembled, Trey and his crew slid the engine into place and mounted it to the frame with some OEM V-8 motor mounts. Let’s go ahead and take a peek at the progress over at Overpower Customs.


Overpower Customs

Centerforce Clutch

American Powertrain



Redline Oil

With the original 4.3-liter V-6 engine removed, we can clean the frame rails and remove all the unnecessary bolts and wires before coating the frame black.

Before we bolt up the transmission, Trey removed the Edelbrock 4-barrel carburetor and prepared the block for our new Edelbrock PRO-FLO EFI conversion kit.

The Edelbrock Pro-Flo 4 EFI System for 1986 and earlier Small-Block Chevy engines is equipped with the latest technology and features. The EFI system comes complete with a traditional 4150-style satin finish single plane intake manifold and 42 lb/hr injectors capable of 675 hp. The new Pro-Flo 4 EFI systems feature an all-new ECU with a faster processor, a waterproof design and measures half the depth of the previous ECU.

With the intake bolts set to spec with a torque wrench, Trey can now connect the fuel rails and lines.

Also included is a plug-and-play single connection distributor designed to work specifically with Pro-Flo 4 and a made in the USA fully terminated high-quality harness with clearly labeled connections to ensure a hassle-free installation.

Next up is the transmission and clutch. This American Powertrain Pro-Fit five-speed kit for ’88-’98 Chevy/GMC C1500 OBS GMT400 trucks is designed to bolt into the factory location and everything comes included.

American Powertrain specifically designed these Pro-Fit transmission kits for ’88-’98 Chevy/GMC C1500 OBS GMT400 truck. They’re available in either 5- or 6-speed and boast a 30-50% increase in fuel economy. Low RPM cruising allows for greatly reduced driver fatigue, an improved highway driving experience and cooler engine operating temperatures. This piece reuses the stock cross member although it’s required to move it forward to the next bolt holes and drill. It’s very easy to install! You can even use a stock C1500 pedal and factory hydraulic master cylinder like we did.

The flywheel and clutch are next on the list. With everything in place, Trey cranked down on the flywheel bolts and set them to exact specs.

Patented centrifugal weight design
Patented ball bearing pressure plate
High quality friction material
Light pedal effort
Increased holding capacity
Smooth engagement

Centerforce is the clutch of choice for our project and recommended by American Powertrain. The Centerforce II Clutch Series utilizes a full facing disc with premium friction materials and a pressure plate with centrifugal weights. It offers superb holding power and maximum clutch life, making this clutch ideal for selected street/strip, off-road and towing applications.

Once Trey is happy with the install, he went ahead and cranked down on the clutch bolts to set them to exact specs.

Time to marry the American Powertrain transmission to the Blueprint Engines 383c.i. Stroker motor. It’s a beautiful sight to see! This setup also allows us to re-use our factory driveshaft with no need to shorten it.

Centerforce offers the broadest performance-based clutch assemblies, flywheels and accessories without compromising quality or integrity.

After a final inspection, Trey slid the entire assembly into the engine bay and mounted it with factory OEM V-8 engine mounts.

So much space! It fits amazingly and leaves plenty of room for custom inner fender wells and engine accessories. All the polished aluminum from Vintage Air looks amazing too!

Cutting a hole in the floor for the shifter is quick and easy—drill a few corner holes from the bottom and use an airsaw from the top.

With the dash apart to remove the factory column shift lever, Trey went ahead and took out the gauge cluster to install our new Dakota Digital unit. The brain is mounted behind the gauges and wires up according to the manual.

Redline Oil is always our fluid of choice and using their Engine break-in fluid is a safe bet. They also offer transmission and power steering fluid, so we placed an order for each.

IN our next issue we will focus on the Mishimoto cooling system and the first fire up. It’s almost time to take it out for a test drive and we will go live on our social media channels. Follow us and stay tuned!