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K&N Full Synthetic Oil

First up on the parts counter pinching pennies when it comes to engine oil is a very bad idea that can cost you a lot in the long run. That’s why you should spring for the nice stuff, like K&N’s Ultra Premium Full Synthetic Engine Oil. It features Synthanax Technology, an advanced additive package to reduce friction and wear, keep oil viscosity stable at all temperatures, and reduce contaminants and built-up sludge. You’ll get superior all-weather protection and top-level performance that meets or exceeds OEM specifications.

K&N Ultra Premium Engine Oil is lab- and dyno-tested and recommended for engines running gasoline, ethanol or blended fuels. It’s available in 5W-20, 5W-30 and 0W-20 weights.

Summit Racing Equipment

ARKON Mandela

The wait is officially over. The ARKON Mandela has arrived. A proper directional wheel with an open face design, the Mandela will be made available in all the major truck bolt patterns and will come in two finishes: black and milled, and satin black. The Mandela will come in 20×10-25, 20×12-51, 22×12-51, 24×12-51, and 24×14-81.

ARKON Offroad

The Riviera Wheel

Sage Speed and Custom of Riverside, California, has created a modern take on the classic Buick Rallye steel wheel in beautiful billet aluminum. Using modern design technology, Sage is able to sharpen the edges and open the holes to create a more refined and modern design.

The wheels range from 15 inches to 22 inches in diameter and are offered in soft or standard lip design. The valve stem can be placed either on the inside or the outside. They come with polished rim and spokes with black-coated inner panels.

Like all the wheels at Sage Speed and Custom, they are built to your specifications of backspace, width and diameter. Simply call in your request and give your car a modern classic style.

Sage Speed and Custom


The VOXX Power System is an intelligent battery-backup system that gives you and your ride the power you need when you need it most. The VPS allows anyone to jump-start their vehicle from the comfort of the driver’s seat via a Bluetooth app, eliminating the need to rely on roadside assistance.

This patent-pending innovation is designed to overcome the deficiencies of similar products on the market. Most jump-start products today are portable but rely heavily on the end-user ensuring that their product is sufficiently charged so it’s ready to jump-start when needed. The compactness of the VOXX Power System is designed to be installed in your ride and connected directly to the battery. It will be continually charged due to a custom battery-charger circuit that charges only when the vehicle’s engine is running.

VOXX Electronics

Stud Kits for Big Block Chevy

The automotive aftermarket parts continue to embrace the popular Big Block Chevrolet engine, as new cylinder head configurations and block designs are introduced on an ongoing basis. Industry-leading fastener manufacturer ARP has recently introduced kits designed for use with Dart Pro 20°, Edelbrock Big Victor 12° and Big Victor 24° aluminum cylinder heads.

Manufactured from premium grade 8740 steel and heat treated to 190,000 psi tensile strength, they are ideally suited for many engine combinations. The threads are rolled (not cut) following heat-treat and have 10 times better fatigue life than studs made through ordinary methods. They are far superior to factory hardware and can provide additional clamping force with an extra margin of safety.

ARP Fasteners

Trick Flow Mopar

Does your LA series small block Mopar need a midrange power boost? Trick Flow’s Track Heat intake manifold is just the ticket. Its one-piece spider-type design features extended high-flow runners and a raised plenum floor to increase power in the 3,000 to 7,000 rpm range—right where a street or mild race engine needs it most.

The Track Heat intake is dyno-optimized for Trick Flow’s PowerPort 190 cylinder heads, but it works well with most aftermarket cylinder head parts. Trick Flow added extra material around the port openings for custom port matching, plus bosses that can be drilled for nitrous nozzles. Mmm, nitrous.

The Trick Flow Track Heat intake manifold accepts any 4150-style square bore carburetor. With a carburetor mounting pad height of 5.125 inches, the manifold should fit under most hoods.

Summit Racing Equipment

Interior Battery Disconnect

Lokar PartsLokar Performance Products’ Interior Battery Disconnect Lever Kit is the safest and quickest way to shut off all electrical power right from the driver’s seat. The red anodized billet aluminum hand lever is designed for quick visual recognition and quick actuation. Compatible with fire system kill switches, each kit comes standard with an 8-foot push/pull cable with additional cable lengths available.

Manufactured parts in the USA, the kits can be floor mounted or are available in kits to bolt directly to your shifter. Kits are available for B&M Pro Ratchet, Thunder Stick, Outlaw, Lightning and ST Quarter Stick shifters, and each kit can be purchased with or without the master power switch.