This Ford F-350 Super Duty Drove 1.3 Million Miles In Only Eight Years

Million-mile vehicles make me really excited. We’ve seen a few million-mile feats over the years from a Hyundai Elantra to a Nissan Frontier, but a Ford F-350 is joining the million-mile club. And the best thing about it? That incredible mileage was racked up in only eight years.

This 2013 Ford F-350 Super Duty rolled into the shop of the Powerstroke Tech Talk w/ARod YouTube channel and podcast and honestly the truck is amazing.
It looks remarkably clean inside and out for the astounding mileage that’s on its odometer. The odometer is pegged at 999999.9 miles but it allegedly went the full 1.3 million:

A Cultural Arms Race

I am about to cover the most contentious topic in all of modern auto writing. It isn’t the classic arguments that leap to mind first — electric motor vs. internal combustion, Ferrari vs. Lamborghini, turbocharger vs. supercharger — it’s something much more mundane. Is a truck an appropriate purchase for the majority of people that buy them?

First, some background on the subject matter: Pickup trucks are massively popular in America, with the Ford F-series truck being America’s best-selling vehicle for a staggering 39 years straight. Pickups made up five of the top 10 best-selling vehicles in the country in 2020, and if SUVs and crossovers (sold in the U.S. as “light trucks”) are included in the grouping of trucks, 75 percent of passenger vehicles sold last year were a light truck of some sort. Why on Earth are Americans so addicted to the pickup truck?

The typical argument for truck enthusiasts is what amounts to a success story for the unencumbered free market. Americans vote with their dollars, and the utility, increasing comfort over successive generations of pickups, and ever-increasing sales must mean that for the people that purchase them, a pickup is the correct choice — the rational consumer of the macroeconomic model personified.

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The 2021 Ford F-150 not only impressed the editors of and parent site enough to earn the Best Pickup Truck of 2021, but the F-150 made the unprecedented leap to earn’s Best of 2021, the top award given to any eligible new or redesigned vehicle. This marks the first time a truck has earned the award, succeeding a long line of SUVs, sedans and a minivan since the award’s inception in 2009.

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Criteria for Best Of are quality, innovation and value, and the F-150 showcased exceeding innovation for 2021 with a host of new available features, including a new PowerBoost hybrid powertrain that not only makes it the most powerful F-150, but also the most fuel-efficient — and it tows pretty well, too. The Pro Power Onboard generator can power a whole work site, and inside the cab there’s an available retracting gear selector, table work surface and sleeper seats. The bed can be optioned with an integrated workbench in the tailgate with ruler, pencil holders and cutouts for clamps.

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