Next-gen Ford Ranger spied in pre-production body for the first time

Here’s what’s next for Ford’s mid-size pickup

Remember that leaked photo posing as the next-gen Ford Ranger? Well, now we have something real to compare it to, as new spy photos of the next-gen Ranger in pre-production duds just dropped. Today marks the first time the next Ranger was caught out testing in pre-production form, so there’s plenty to take in.

We’ll start with the resemblance to the leaked photo. The relationship between these two trucks is most obvious in the C-shaped headlight housings. We can see the “C” curve of the running lights popping through the heavy shrouding. Though, the projector beams themselves do look a bit different in that they’re wider than they appear in the leaked image. Similar style headlights have also been seen on the smaller Ford Maverick pickup. The heavy camouflage does a decent job of covering up the grille, but similar to the leak, a number of crossbars seem to be stretching across the front of the truck. Its hood is mostly flat and abruptly ends at the grille, likely to give this truck a mean, flat face.

In general, it’s a large departure from the current Ranger’s rounded face and relatively small grille with small, simple headlight fixtures. The new truck is likely going to look much squarer and more aggressive, following the trend of pickups everywhere.

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Toyota Tacoma Outsells Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon, and Ford Ranger Combined in 2020

Toyota’s Tacoma pickup truck continues to dominate the industry. The ones to watch are the Ford Ranger and Jeep Gladiator.

For 2020, Toyota delivered 238,806 Tacoma pickup trucks. That number is more than the combined total of the Ford Ranger, Chevrolet Colorado, and GMC Canyon’s deliveries. 2020 marks the 16th consecutive year the Toyota Tacoma is America’s best-selling midsize pickup truck.

Like most of the industry, Toyota’s mid-year sales were down. However, the Tacoma rebounded tremendously in Q4 with sales up 39% over Q4 of 2019.

The one to watch in this segment is the Jeep Gladiator. This model is still ramping up from its introduction. With 77,542 unit sales, Jeep is third overall. The Ford Ranger is also impressive and has overtaken Chevrolet’s Colorado for the number two overall position with strong growth in 2020. Sadly, Nissan is having troubles. We are a fan of the brand and don’t need to beat up Nissan in this story, but suffice it to say, the Nissan Frontier’s sales are down by half over the past year and the vehicle is no longer part of the conversation the way it once was.

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Shopping Guide 2021 – Why You Should Demand A Spare Tire With Your New Vehicle

As automakers look for ways to cut corners, a spare tire is more important than ever. Here’s our 2021 guide to spare tires for shoppers buying new.
We’ve heard all manner of excuses as to why some vehicles lack a compact or full-size spare tire. All of them ring hollow to our ears. A common excuse is that the spare weighs too much. This seems ridiculous given that a spare tire weighs less than the added pounds a panoramic sunroof adds, or a premium audio system adds. Another excuse we sometimes hear is that you don’t really need a spare. After all, how often do you get a flat? Using this logic, every safety system in your car is really unnecessary, but we all know that logic is silly. Numerous sources indicate flat tires are common, and one source says that there are 220 million flat tires per year in America. About one for every driver. If you still have doubts, call your local tire retailer and ask how their repair business is doing.
Top-Selling Models Have Spares For 2021
The truth is, nearly every top-selling model of vehicle in America offers a trim with a spare tire. The Ford F-150, Toyota RAV4, Toyota Camry, and Toyota Civic all top their categories, and all of the top-selling trims have a spare tire included. We counted nine Honda Civic trims with a spare. This negates pretty much any excuse a manufacturer can offer up as to why a spare tire is not possible. If the highest-volume models and trims have one, obviously, it is a possibility.