Rubber is out, and silicone is in for your 2014+ Chevrolet Silverado 1500 radiator hoses! A leaking radiator hose can lead to serious engine damage if not quickly identified. Upgrade your cooling system with the Mishimoto 2014+ Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Silicone Radiator Hose Kit for the perfect combination of performance and durability. Mishimoto radiator hoses are manufactured with high-grade silicone and four layers of heat-resistant embedded fibers to provide increased pressure and temperature tolerance. The Mishimoto radiator hose kit is ideal for use on both stock and modified trucks for any environment or terrain. The Mishimoto 2014+ Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Silicone Radiator Hose Kit, like all our performance parts, includes the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.

  • Direct fit for 2014+ Chevrolet Silverado 1500
  • Constructed from high-grade 4-ply silicone with heat-resistant embedded fibers for superior heat and pressure tolerance
  • Includes high-quality worm-gear clamps for ease of installation
  • Available in black, blue, or red
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

The Mishimoto 2014+ Chevrolet Silverado 1500 V8 performance aluminum radiator is the ideal upgrade for the stock Silverado radiator. This direct-fit radiator is designed and specifically engineered to maximize the cooling efficiency of your 2014+ Silverado whether it’s your daily driver, work truck, or dedicated off-road vehicle.

Thanks to a 2-inch thick core, the Mishimoto 2014+ Silverado 1500 V8 radiator boasts a 45.45% increase in coolant capacity over the stock radiator. Tube-and-fin surface area has also increased by 92.8% and 74.5% respectively over stock to make the most use of the air flowing through your Silverado’s grille. The all-aluminum construction, along with strutted tubes in the top and bottom 8 rows, makes this radiator tough enough to handle anything you can throw at it. The built-in oil and transmission coolers with installed stock-style fittings make installation a breeze.

As with all Mishimoto products, this radiator is backed by Mishimoto’s Lifetime Warranty. So, whether you’re towing your weekend toys, ferrying the kids to school, or bombing dunes, you can rest easy knowing that your 2014+ Silverado 1500’s engine is cooled by Mishimoto.

  • Direct fit for 2014+ Chevrolet Silverado 1500 V8
  • 45% Increase in core volume over the stock radiator
  • 92% Increase in tube surface area over the stock radiator
  • 74% Increase in fin surface area over the stock radiator
  • Top 8 and bottom 8 rows utilize extruded tubes with internal struts for increased strength and pressure tolerance
  • All-aluminum design with durable, TIG-welded construction
  • Includes Mishimoto M12 x 1.5 magnetic drain plug to capture metallic debris and fragments in cooling system
  • Patent Pending
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty