Jason Barbaglia’s 1992 Chevrolet S10 Teal $hort

IN THE WORLD OF VEHICLE MODIFICATION, YOU OFTEN RUN INTO A TRUCK WITH AFTERMARKET PARTS AND CHANGES THAT MOST PEOPLE NEVER WOULD HAVE CONSIDERED THAT REALLY ADD TO THE VEHICLE’ PERSONALITY. It’s not often that we come upon a vehicle with changes that make it look even better than when it left the factory, but with Jason Barbaglia’s 1992 Chevy S10, that’s exactly how we feel.

Jason, who’s from Arnold, Missouri, has always been a fan of the S10s. He has previously built five trucks—including four S10s. “Growing up, I was raised around muscle cars and drag racing,” Jason says. “Hard to believe I fell into this path, but I’m just a truck guy I guess.”


Needless to say, we are glad he ended up where he is today. In November 2013, Barbaglia bought the truck from fellow club member and friend Eric Rhodes. The square body was sold to him with the understanding that Jason would be the ideal new owner to Rhode’s old Kustomwerks build by preserving its history from back in the Boze Maltese Wheels days, which many people still ask about years later. While initially not being a big fan of its original teal color, during the fi rst year he owned it, the look grew on him. Jason ended up keeping that look for the long haul, but it has gone through a lot to be the truck you see before you today.

Every aspect of this ’90s mini has been updated, from big details to little. He has thoroughly re-vamped and brought new life back into this Chevy. First on Jason’s replacement list was the wheels. Though the Maltese wheels looked great, he wanted the S10 to start feeling more like his own build. After much debate, he chose a staggered set of Raceline Imperial 5s. The sporty and classy look of the spokes in addition to the polished finish really make the wheels pop against the color of the truck and brakes. With new shoes comes new clothes—the old tweed made its way out of the cab, as the new gray vinyl and charcoal suede upholstery parked itself in place. Also, the billet steering wheel, custom wrapped dashboard and brand-new stereo setup didn’t hurt its progress either.

Next on the list was the drivetrain. Having a truck that was both a reliable daily driver and road trip ride was a major must-have for Barbaglia. To accomplish that, he installed a fully new engine. The factory 2.8 V-6 was plenty enough motor for the small truck, so why replace it with something that could have more issues? Since the motor would be fully out before installation, all the proper upgrades were made so it would be worthy of its new home. From color matching the block to adding chrome accents across the motor, the six-cylinder was decked out the right way. Throw in the new clutch, and this legend was on its way for its new age revamp. Fast forward to winter 2017, and the S10 was given a full respray. From front to back, including the door jambs and bay, the ’90s Chevrolet never looked better in its silky coat of Axalta Bright Teal.

Be on the lookout for Jason’s S10 at shows across the Midwest.

Jason Barbaglia
Teal $hort
Relaxed Atmosphere
Arnold, MO


  • Custom 2X3 steel boxed rails from firewall back
  • 108-inch wheelbase
  • Optima battery
  • Chrome power booster
  • Airlift 3H management
  • Shop: Kustomwerks in Union City, TN


  • Air Lift Dominator 2500 bags
  • Nitrogen air tank for air setup
  • Tubular upper and lower arms
  • Beltech spindles
  • Power stop drilled and slotted rotors
  • Rear Suspension:
  • Air Lift 2500 bags
  • Power stop drilled and slotted rotors
  • Monroe shocks
  • Custom two-link
  • Shop: Douggie’s Chop Shop


  • Chrome valve covers
  • Chrome air cleaner lid
  • 105 output alternator
  • Stainless hoses
  • Shaved firewall
  • Exhaust: Magnaflow


  • Raceline Imperial 5
  • Finish: Polished
  • Front: 18×7 front tires: Toyo 215/35/18
  • Rear: 20×8.5 rear tires: Toyo 245/35/20


  • 3 3/4 stock fl oor
  • 2-inch cowl hood
  • Panhard
  • Custom built 15-gallon gas tank under truck bed
  • Phantom grille with billet grille insert
  • Raptor lined/color matched bedliner by Kambered Kreations
  • Calvu mirrors
  • Shaved door handles
  • LED headlights
  • Cadillac Deville 93-95 taillights
  • Shop: Original body work by Kustomwerks in Union City, TN, was all gone back over in 2018 by John’s Auto Body in Imperial, MO


  • Axalta Bright Teal
  • Gray and Teal/Blue pin-striping by Gooch Customs
  • Shop: John’s Auto Body in Imperial, MO


  • Gray vinyl and charcoal suede upholstery
  • ACC factory replacement carpet
  • Suede headliner
  • Billet steering wheel
  • Wrapped dashboard
  • Billet rearview mirror
  • Shop: Jason Barbaglia


  • Pioneer in dash DVD
  • Two Memphis Audio Amps
  • Two 12-inch Memphis Audio shallow mount subs
  • Subs behind the seats and 6½ components in kick panels
  • Shop: Jason Barbaglia

SPECIAL THANKS FROM JASON BARBAGLIA: “There are so many important people involved up to this point. First and foremost, my Relaxed Atmosphere family; my son Dominic; my parents, Charlie and Sandi; my wife Amanda for the patience and understanding of the garage hours; Eric Arrington for building an amazing chassis, two-link, and it still rides perfectly; all the guys at John’s Auto Body for perfect paint job and Axalta Paints for coming on board with the paint and supplies; TJ Vondar Haar from Kambered Kreations for doing the color matched Raptor Liner and designing the mount for the air lift valve block; Air Lift Performance for the 3H set up and the bags; and thanks to Memphis Audio for the audio stuff through the years. Finally, thanks to Gooch Customs.”