Jeep and Ram Owners Eligible for $3,000 Compensation from FCA

If you happen to own a 2014-2016 Ram 1500 or Jeep Grand Cherokee with a diesel mill, then you might want to read this. A federal judge has just approved a $800 million settlement of a class-action lawsuit over alleged emissions cheating, paving the way for consumer payouts.

Parent company Fiat Chrysler negotiated the settlement last February with the Justice Department, the California Air Resources Board, and the state’s Attorney General. A California federal judge has finally approved the settlement, and owners can expect to receive monetary compensation in addition to extended warranty coverage and a software fix.

The settlement applies to current and past owners as well as lease holders of 2014-2016 Ram 1500 pickup trucks and Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs with the 3.0L Ecodiesel engine. According to regulators, such models were equipped with emissions cheating devices that fell afoul of NOx standards and were discovered in 2017.

As part of the settlement, affected owners will receive the following:

  • Up to $3,075 compensation for eligible vehicle owners
  • Up to $2,460 compensation for partial owners
  • Up to $990 compensation for current and former lease holders
  • Up to 10 years extended warranty from the initial date of sale, or 120,000 miles on the odometer, whichever comes first
  • An emissions control software fix

To see if if your vehicle is included in the recall:

  1. Check your VIN here.
  2. Go to FCA’s website dedicated to the settlement issue for the requirements
  3. Make sure to submit your claim within the proscribed period.

Currents owners can file claims until Feb. 3, 2021, while former owners and lease holders have until Aug. 1, 2019. To be eligible for the compensation, owners must install the software fix within two years. According to FCA,  the software update has no effect on average fuel economy or performance.

Do note that vehicles originally sold in the US are eligible for the compensation. Trucks sold in Canada will only get the extended warranty coverage and software fix.

For further questions, owners can call Fiat Chrysler’s customer hotline at 1-833-280-4748. You can also read a comprehensive breakdown of this issue at our sister site Diesel World.

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