When you are building a cool custom truck and your goal is to be the very best, you have to employ an amazing combination of imagination and meticulous craftsmanship. There is an old saying that says there is no second-place winner in a gunfight. When second-place trophies fall short of the goal, builders must find a way to distinguish their trucks from the rest of the competition in order to achieve that sought after Best of Show. Jesse Perez understands the pressure of trying to be number one and loves the challenge. He is not only the owner and builder of this 2006 Silverado 1500 but also the artist involved in its amazing paint job. From Orlando Florida, he is a heavy equipment mechanic by day and a talented truck builder after hours. His goal from the outset was to make his truck as memorable as it is unique. 

Starting out in the Lowrider scene, Jesse incorporated some of those lowrider elements into his last bagged truck, happy to see his work featured in a major magazine. It set the stage for something even bigger and better, like this ’06 Chevy. Lots of preliminary changes were added to the Silverado prior to the elaborate collection of murals. The front end received  billet grille inserts, a custom HD hood, and a recessed and molded SS front bumper, followed by a smooth rear pan thanks to EQ Customs. Joey Burke of Detroit Muscle followed up with a stock floor body drop to ensure a lower profile along with the rear bridge, reverse four link suspension, tubs, and the custom-made upper arms. The stake holes in the bed, the door handles, and the gas cap were eliminated to create a smooth canvas for the all-encompassing art work. The drastically narrowed (15 inches!) rear end accommodates the ultra-wide 26 x 14 Raceline Billet Chargers with 26 x 9 versions up front. The rims were powder coated in purple and spikes added for effect. The air suspension on the truck is by Air Lift Easy Street with 2600 pound Firestone bags, half-inch lines, and an engine-driven compressor. The 5.3 L V-8 was more than quick enough in stock form so all the wires were hidden, custom inner fender panels and under hood mirrors were added, then the entire engine bay was airbrushed and painted.

The elaborate, Extended Cab interior, done in shades of orange, purple, and red Edge vinyl was accomplished by Soloman Mills of S&M Upholstery in Kissimmee, Florida. Suburban power bucket seats keep occupants comfortable and the elaborate 5,200 Watt sound quality stereo keeps everyone entertained. Jesse’s iPad controls the NVX Audio components to include five 12-inch subs, eight 6.5-inch component sets, eight tweeters, and five amplifiers, all powered by a pair of Optima batteries. The speakers reside in custom fiberglass and Plexiglas enclosures placed strategically throughout the cab. Scott Bradley of Kaotic Designs assisted Jesse on the install.

While the comprehensive list of changes would have been enough for most, it’s the elaborate paint scheme that sets this truck apart. Jesse has always been fascinated with creepy clowns – drawing them since he was a kid – and his wife Ana shares his enthusiasm, enjoying scary movies. With the theme established, Jesse teamed up with another talented airbrush artist, George Price from Y-NOT Kustom Designs in Fort Lauderdale, FL. George is a tattoo artist and quickly adapted to the unique theme. Between the two of them, they spent the last three years creating this one-of-a-kind, creepy clown wraparound mural. Here’s the hard part. The artwork had to be created in stages, panel by panel. When each panel was complete, the truck was wet sanded and cleared. In fact, there are 19 coats of clear on the truck. Both artists employed every painting trick in their repertoire including graphics, fades, multiple flakes, ghost skulls throughout, and more, using dozens of House of Kolor shades. Every inch of the truck is painted with unique images and nothing is duplicated. 

Going under the assumption that paint makes or breaks a vehicle, Jesse’s goal from the outset was to create something that was totally different from anything else, a new design that no one else had done before. While it may be complete, the truck will probably never be finished. Additional chassis work is already on the schedule to bring it even lower, interior upgrades are planned, and who knows what will come from the creative mind of Jesse Perez. 

Jesse especially wants to thank his wife Ana, his support and motivator from the start. His passion for the truck and lifestyle are definitely a shared family affair. He, Ana, and their 12-year-old son Marco go everywhere in the truck with Marco often dressing up in a clown outfit and chasing unsuspecting spectators!

About the title, it’s a simple fact that hard work pays off. When you accomplish something that sets you apart, it makes you difficult to catch. Unfortunately, some folks take offense. Don’t hate. Appreciate! 




-Ana and Jesse Perez,  

-2006 Silverado 1500

-Orlando, Florida


-5.3 L Chevy V-8 

-Cold air intake with dual K&N filters

-Custom Cam

-Dual exhausts

-GM4L65 four-speed automatic 

-All wires are hidden

-Engine bay airbrushed and painted

-Underhood mirror kit


-four-link rear 

-Chevy rear narrowed 7.5 inches on each side

-Airlift air suspension 

-2600 pound Firestone bags 

-Half-inch lines, 

-Engine-driven compressor 


-Raceline Billet Chargers 26 x 14 rear, 26 x 9 front 

-Powder-coated in purple and accented with spikes

-Lionhart 305/30R26 rear and 255/30R26 front 


-Paintwork performed by Owner and George Price from Y-NOT 

-Billet grille inserts 

-Custom HD hood

-SS front bumper

-Smooth rear pan and rear tubs

-Stock floor body drop 

-Custom rear bridge 

-Reverse four-link suspension

-Shaved stake holes, door handles, gas cap 

-Joey Burke of Detroit Muscle did the work


-Soloman Mills of S&M Upholstery in Kissimmee, Florida

-Suburban power bucket seats in orange, purple, and red Edge vinyl 

-Custom dash and door panels

-iPad controller for the NVX Audio components and instruments

-Five 12-inch subs 

-Eight 6.5-inch component sets 

-Eight tweeters

-Five amplifiers producing 5,200 Watts of power

-Twin Optima batteries. 

-Custom fiberglass and Plexiglas enclosures 

-Scott Bradley of Kaotic Designs assisted Jesse on the install.

SPECIAL THANKS FROM THE OWNER: Jesse wishes to thank the dedicated craftsman who added their talents and imagination to the build beginning with George Price, Joey Burke, Soloman Mills, and Scott Bradley. Special thanks goes to his wife Ana and son Marco for their untiring support and dedication throughout the build.