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This week we’re getting the lifted K10 squaredbody back out on the road! We get under the hood to finish out our 6.0 LS swap with a cold air intake, and make some adjustments to our retro Holley valve covers. With a little cutting they can fit nicely with all of our ICT billet accessory brackets. With the engine bay all taken care of, we get the truck up on the lift to make some modifications to our shift linkage. With a stock column and a new 4L80 transmission, we had to make some tweaks to be able to get the shifter through the full range of motion. While we were under the truck, we pulled apart our rear differential and traded out the Detroit locker for something a little more mild, so the truck is more comfortable taking turns on the street. We also threw in our new driveshafts so this truck could finally hit the road again. Before we took it down the street, we had to get our brand new TMI interior put in this squarebody. We laid down some restomod sound deadener and a fresh carpet as a foundation for the modern leather bench seat. Once we had our seat and belts installed, we bolted on our matching door panels and dash pad, and took this truck out for its first shake down. This 6.0 LS swapped Chevy K10 drove like a dream! Our RTX gauges worked like a charm; showing all of our motor metrics in the proper operating ranges. The new differential made it more enjoyable turning corners, and our new rear gear set made traveling at higher speeds with our 38″ tires no problem at all. We know we told y’all we’d be taking this truck out in the mud. AND WE WILL! We just have to wait for our matching front differential gears to come in so we can have a working 4 wheel drive. But since this truck is so close to leaving the shop for good; it seemed like a good time to bring in a whole new project! Let us know what you want to see us do to this 1970s GMC Vandura! And check back next week to see what we’re doing to keep the patina look without having the van rust away in the south Florida climate!


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