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Team321 Coilover Install

TEAM321 NOW OFFERS ADJUSTABLE coilovers to effectively set the ride height of your Crown Vic front suspension swap. Crown Vic front suspension swaps in F-100s have become popular due to their wallet friendly budget and readily available parts. Besides the CV front ends, another issue facing truck owners is tuning the front suspension to better suit their desired ride height and driving/ handling characteristics.

Considering the Crown Vic was equipped with civilian springs or Police Interceptor springs, F-100 owners had to either settle for the ride height and spring rate of their swap… too soft, too stiff or make due with the limited spring options, which requires spring compressors, potentially cutting coils in a time-consuming trial and error effort that ultimately resulted in what many feel is a compromised ride. Now customers can select their spring rates (with help from Team321) and adjust the ride height with the twist of a spanner wrench.

Installation of Team321’s coilovers is a simple remove and replace. Remove the factory coil spring and shock assembly, save your lower shock mounting hardware and Install the Team321 coilovers. Team321 is all about options. If you already have coilover shocks/springs, they will happily provide the mounts and mounting hardware to fit your choice of shocks/springs. You can purchase your shocks and springs from your favorite supplier and Team321 will sell you the mounts to make it all work. Team321 has been in the suspension business for 20 years and have designed a wide variety of suspensions fitted with coilovers. Follow along as we show you just how easy this swap can be.

First step is always safety—jack, jack stands (or lift), remove battery ground cable, etc., to ensure a safe working environment during an install. Then we removed the wheel and tire to begin the swap.

Here’s a look at the complete factory assembly that we will be replacing.

Next up, we began by removing the steering linkage.

We removed the brakes to create more space to work (not 100% necessary but recommended).

Here we are, the front assembly with the brakes removed.

This is where you would unbolt the upper control arm from the spindle (our upper control arm had a bad ball joint, so we cut the bolt and installed a new upper control arm during this install).

Next, we removed the three bolts on top of the shock along with the one bolt below.

We now had access to remove the factory shock and spring.

Here’s a look at the side by side comparison of the Team321 adjustable coilover verses the factory shock and spring setup.

The empty front end ready and waiting on the new coilover.

Engineered to install with the same hardware and bolt pattern, the new Team 321 coilover was mocked up in place.

Next, we snug up the three bolts on top of the coilover.

Bolted up from the top, it was time to step back and see the beauty before moving onto the bottom.

The next to last step before adjusting height, we bolted up the bottom bolt on the coilover to the lower control arm.

We wanted a bit lower of a stance with this upgrade, so we adjusted the coilover down with the supplied tool.

Once we were happy with the height and install, it was time for reassembly and cruising duties to test it all out (well, for us we need a few more things before she’s back on the road, but we’ll keep you updated!).