Fesler USA’s Custom Interior for Sergeant Square

Fesler USA’s Custom Interior Transformation for Sergeant Square

Sergeant Square hit an all new level of custom with the installation of our custom interior from Fesler USA. This carefully curated interior is designed for 1973-1987 Chevy trucks, and not only raises the quality of the build, but it also dramatically increases the value of this truck, which will raise more money for the amazing charity we are dedicated to helping.

After choosing black leather with gray and black plaid inserts, we knew Sergeant Square’s interior would combine amazing style with extreme comfort. Fesler USA offers a wide array of materials, allowing enthusiasts to customize their interiors to their specific tastes.

In a purposeful touch, Chris Fesler, the creative force behind Fesler USA, incorporated metal Mission 22 badges into the styling of the interior. These subtle yet impactful details serve as a constant reminder of the charitable cause driving the Sergeant Square project.

To ensure the precision installation required for such a high-quality interior, we enlisted the expertise of Shawn Brandow from Twisted Artisan Interiors. His meticulous craftsmanship guaranteed that every component found its place seamlessly, transforming Sergeant Square into a rolling work of art.

We included a QR code below to the video of the install below so you can see the effort that was put into this project. Now let’s jump into the photos and explain the process.

His meticulous craftsmanship guaranteed that every component found its place seamlessly, transforming Sergeant Square into a rolling work of art.

01. Originally, the interior of this worn out and forgotten truck was far beyond repair.
02. This all-new interior from Fesler USA is fully built in America. We received a new bench seat, one-piece headliner, door panels, fiberglass dash, kick panels, and pillar panels.
03. Chris Fesler also sent a new Flux steering wheel. Part of Sparc Industries’ Driver Series,the Flux steering wheel is a visual masterpiece. Its clean design and customizable options make it a centerpiece of Sergeant Square’s interior.
04. Fesler USA’s handmade fiberglass dash overlay seamlessly dropped over the factory dash, enhancing the aesthetics with minimal effort. It’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to form and function.
05. Crafted from high-quality fiberglass and covered with a smooth gel coat, these door panels cover the complete door, eliminating common issues with cut-up lower door sections. With wood inserts and compatibility with Morel 6.5-inch speakers, they redefine interior elegance.
06. The one-piece handmade fiberglass headliner dropped in effortlessly, and complements Fesler USA A-pillars and rear upper panels.
07. Fesler USA’s revolutionary bench seat redefines comfort and functionality. With a built-in cup holder, center console, and the option for customization, it’s a game-changer in the truck seat market.
08. The seat, door panels and dash all have metal Mission 22 badges incorporated into the material to represent this amazing charity.
09. The first thing Shawn installed was the DEI Boom Mat on the floor to help control the heat and sound inside the cab.
10. Next up were  the new Fesler USA door panels. The plaid inserts and billet handles look amazing and set a new standard for Squarebody interiors.
11. With the carpet complete and steering wheel installed, we were ready to move onto the new bench seat that would simply bolt in.
12. The seats and door panels match and look amazing. Also, the smell of the new material is wonderful!
13. Sergeant Square hit a new level today with the addition of Fesler USA interior, and we are thrilled with the finished product


Fesler USA

DEI Engineering

The Twisted Artisan
IG: the_twisted_artisan

Scan this QR code to see the final look in video and the reveal at SEMA 2023!