Fesler USA joins the Sergeant Square build!

Build It,  Show It,  Sell It… for Charity!

 We have some real progress going on with our Mission 22 charity build, as well as a few more great newly involved companies that we want to mention. To bring everyone up to speed, this 1985 Chevy C10 pickup truck will be fully restored to the most desirable Chevy squarebody on the road before being auctioned off at a Barrett Jackson-style auction in 2024. Before the auction, a complete reveal will be held at SEMA 2023 in the Engaged Media vendor booth, located in Hot Rod Alley. 

Thanks to Nexen Tire, we now have the ability to make lots of smoke during our mission-complete burnouts. This industry-known company has been part of many charity projects like this one, so we are incredibly honored to have them on board for this great cause. We don’t quite know which size we are going to install on this truck since the wheel choice has not been determined, but we would love to hear your opinion about which wheel design we should choose for this truck!

We are also pumped that Fesler USA is involved in this project and providing Classic Industries with flush-mount glass for this build. Fesler creates classic-fit, flush-mount glass for first-generation hardtop C10s that is manufactured in North America using the original Float Glass Process. We will dig into this exciting update later in the photos.

We are now patiently awaiting our custom-built Pro Touring-style truck frame that will be the bones of this build. When the chassis arrives, you can be sure there will be quite a bit of buzz online. We highly encourage you to follow our social channels and YouTube channel for active updates. Until then, let’s get up-to-date.

We have successfully transported this clapped-out 1985 Chevy C10 to the Street Trucks garage for a complete teardown and rebuild. Dave Shankin will be the mastermind behind the build, and we are excited to watch the process.
So what is flush-mount glass, you wonder? Basically, a larger piece of glass designed to fit within the OE opening and leaving only a small gap. The new glass eliminates the need for trim or weatherstripping and instead uses a frit band, primer, and super adhesive urethane to fasten into place. The specific size and shape of the new glass, paired with the install method, allows for an OE fit with no body modifications.

We are now patiently awaiting our custom-built Pro Touring-style truck frame that will be the bones to this build. When the chassis does arrive, you can be sure there will be quite a bit of buzz online.  

Each set of flush-mount glass has been manufactured to reflect OE standards, including the faint green hue rooted in every piece. Unknown to most, the green hue is what makes this glass officially recognized by the Skin Cancer Foundation for blocking 99.9% of harmful UVA rays. Just as with newer cars, each windshield is laminated safety glass, while the rear pieces are tempered.
Fesler USA’s ’73-’86 squarebody dash overlays are handmade fiberglass, each one is made, inspected, finished out, packaged, and shipped in-house. This panel drops right over the factory dash and bolts on in about 30 minutes.
Fesler 1973-’86 squarebody door panels are made of high-quality fiberglass and covered with a smooth gel coat all hand-laid. We will cover the complete door panel so there will be no more lower issues with cut-up doors. These panels are designed to be painted or upholstered in a variety of materials. They were also  designed for use with power windows (not included) and will require little work to get them to fit perfectly. These are sold in pairs and come with wood inserts. Fesler also makes custom kick panels with speaker location (sold separately).
OK, enough with the cool new stuff we have to install. Time to get to work!













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