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The Final Word | Reset, Reflect and Remember

Think of 2020 as a Chance to Change Your Perspective

Remember when you were a kid, and when you didn’t like the way your round of Contra, Super Mario Bros or maybe even Excitebike was going on your NES (or whatever gaming console you had) you would just hit the reset button? C’mon—I know you did it, too. Well, so far, the year 2020 hasn’t gone the way we expected. Unfortunately, unlike when we were kids, we can’t hit that reset button to start things over.

Perhaps it’s about perspective. Rather than hitting reset, we get the opportunity to reflect and take a look at the world around us.

I assume if you are reading this your classic truck was a big part of your routine. So, remember that just a few months ago, we were driving to Texas for LST, attending a car/truck show, getting together for Cars & Coffee or whatever it was for you.

We will get back there. WE WILL!

Until then, we get the chance to reflect on what really matters. And to be honest, I believe this time of reflection will be one of the best things to come from this pandemic (along with some pretty funny memes)!

Reflecting makes you take a look at what really matters. For me, it’s my family, and their health and wellbeing. It’s my friends, and their health and wellbeing. It’s a cold beer (or two), fresh cut grass and a sizzling steak, hot off the grill, and a sweet C10 (or two, maybe three—hey, no judging)!

The cool thing about the “friends” part is that so many of them have come from the C10 community. Think about that: How lucky are we to have a hobby or passion that creates lifelong friends? Our kids know one another, we gather for meetups, BBQs, truck projects or whatever it is, and we are surrounded and supported by great people we can call friends!

Slowing things down gives you a true appreciation of what you have and a sense of gratitude for what once was—the C10 movement that you are part of, that you help create. None of us can say what the world will be like, but I have a feeling that the C10 community will come back, stronger and as unified as ever.

So once this 2020 train gets back on the tracks and we are able to get together for a truck show, a gathering to help out a friend on their truck, a BBQ or whatever it is in life, we might just think about the time when the world was on pause and we couldn’t do the things we wanted to. We might look around at a group of people breaking bread, drinking refreshments, looking at trucks, working on trucks, and think, life’s good!

I hope you’re getting that project ready for the summer/fall season, and I look forward to seeing you out there soon, cruising your pride and joy—grinning from ear to ear!

So even though reset isn’t an option, reflecting and remembering is!

Stay safe,