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PARTS COUNTER! | Check out these sweet new truck parts!

ReSkin youR Classic

New and Improved db Skin 2.0 from Heatshield Products

Providing outstanding sound control characteristics, db Skin is a spray-on or brushable liquid acoustic barrier and vibration damping material that will bond to sheet metal, wood, plastic and fiberglass surfaces. The specially formulated and proprietary blend of silica-mica and ceramic suspended in an advanced chemical binder, dampens vibration in a multitude of substrates/panels over a 10 to 40 kHz frequency range. Another benefit is that, when db Skin cures, it creates an impedance mismatch. This nearly doubles the effectiveness.

  • Chip/abrasion resistant
  • Can be used as a topcoat or be painted
  • Dampens vibration over a 10 to 40 kHz frequency range
  • Made in the USA

No special tools are required for adding db Skin; however, a “shutz” spray gun will save a significant amount of installation time. db Skin may also be applied with a paint brush or roller.

Part No. Description
40101 1 gal (approximately 30 sq ft of coverage)
40102 5 gal (approximately 150 sq ft of coverage)
40103 2 gal (approximately 60 sq ft of coverage)

Heatshield Products

Keep it tight under pressure!

SCE Short Block Base Kit gasket sets

Make your short block assembly go a little smoother with an SCE Short Block Base Kit (SBBK) gasket kit. The kits come with top-quality SCE timing cover, water pump and fuel pump gaskets, plus a silicone or Viton rear main seal depending on the application. Having one less thing to chase down is always welcome.

  • Small Chevy, 1- and 2-piece rear main seal
  • Big Chevy Mark IV and V
  • GM LS
  • Small Block Ford
  • 260-351W
  • Ford 351C and 351M
  • Ford 352-428 FE
  • Ford 429-460
  • Small Chrysler 273-360
  • Big Chrysler B and RB
  • Chrysler 426 Hemi

Summit Racing Equipment

Lifting a 2019 4WD Dodge Ram

Pro Comp is proud to announce the release of its new suspension system

A 6-inch suspension system for the all-new 2019 Ram 1500 is now available. The 2019 platform received a fresh Pro Comp-engineered knuckle with improvements specifically targeting better steering geometry, reduced weight and improved turning radius over the previous generation’s system. The new knuckle design—paired with robust crossmembers, diff drops and sway bar drops—helps maintain OEM operating angles of critical components for trouble-free service.  Rear geometry correction brackets and coil spacers maintain the factory load-carrying capacity while keeping the handling and predictability of the factory Ram 5-link suspension.  The new Pro Comp Suspension system is compatible with the factory stability control system and adaptive cruise control, and allows clearance of up to a 37-inch tire.  Pro Comp Suspension systems are proudly designed, tested and manufactured in Chula Vista, California, with the goal of improving vehicle performance and drivability.

  • Enhanced steering geometry, reduced weight and improved turning radius
  • New knuckle design helps maintain OEM operating angles of critical components
  • Rear geometry correction brackets and coil spacers maintain the factory load carrying capacity
  • Compatible with factory stability control system
  • Allows clearance of up to a 37-inch tire
  • Requires 20-inch or larger rims; 9- to 10-inch width not to exceed 5-inch backspacing
  • Part number: K2103B

ProComp Suspension

Stop your beast in its tracks

Hydraulic Assist Systems for 1973-87 C-10 pick-ups

CPP’s Hydrastop Street Beast is a direct fit, high-performance hydraulic brake assist system that works great when running a performance engine setup and there is not enough vacuum produced to operate a traditional booster. Simply plumb into your power steering system and share the fluid reservoir with your power steering pump to your high-performance brake system.

Kit also includes: aluminum Corvette style master cylinder with black lid, black anodized accumulator cover, high pressure line set, heavy duty return line, pedal rod hardware and mounting hardware. 1973-87 Chevy trucks use the factory proportioning valve; also available separately if needed. Assembled with all new parts, this unit puts out an amazing 1,800 psi at the wheels! Available for 1947-59 early Chevy truck firewall and undermount setups and 1960-87 Chevy truck firewall setups and trucks with Hydraulic clutch setups.

Kits start at $829 and bare Hydrastop units start at $469. All CPP parts carry a lifetime warranty.