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This year’s Daytona Truck Meet event in Daytona Beach Florida lived up to the hype as usual, and some of the toughest street trucks from around the country came out in full force to soak up some sun on the beach and in the speedway. Its incredibly hard to pick the top 10 trucks but we gave it a shot and are happy with our choices. Think we missed the mark? Send us a message and let us know who you think took the top spot!

This super clean Ford Dually stood out in the crowd of lifted trucks.

Lonnie Ford’s F100 Sounds Insane and looks like no other. Can’t wait to see it complete!

Sweet Custom C10 Dually!

More info in this Duramax powered C20 Dually in the next C10 Builders Guide!

Now that’s a burnout!

Rickey’s truck is in a sea of towering trucks but it still gets more photos than most of the others.

Pretty Cool Chevy Blazer!

Don’t see these often! The Centurion Classic – a 4-Door Ford Bronco!

The runner up is this cool SCSB Ford F150 from Farmboy Customs running 40-inch tires. Sweet!