bagged ’94 Mitsubishi Might Max

Turning a Mini-Truck Movement into His Own Dream Build

Twenty-five years ago, Mitsubishi developed its a mini-truck model called the Mighty Max. By that time, Sergio Torres of Tulsa, Oklahoma, had fallen in love with the new mini-truck scene, which had started to grow with more popularity in the Midwest. He wanted to join the mini-truck movement, so he started saving his money so that when he found the right truck, he could buy it and customize it.   

While at work on a sunny August day, Sergio noticed a ’94 Mighty Max Sport sitting in the parking lot. After asking around the office, it turned out that it belonged to one of his coworkers. It took some tough negotiations with the owner, but they settled on a price and Sergio got his Mighty Max.

He kept it stock for several years. Sergio saved up his money to purchase Cadillac Escalade factory 17-inch rims and add a T-Rex phantom grille to put some custom exterior touches to it. Next, the stance needed to be altered, so he called up his good friend Joe to assist with lowering the Max with drop springs and blocks.

During the late 2000s, Sergio signed up on a forum called where he met tons of other Mighty Max/D50 owners who shared their pictures and tech advice. While chatting with members on the forums, Ernie Macias showed interest in Sergio’s truck and tried to make a deal to purchase it from him. Ernie wanted to build a new custom Mighty Max truck out of a stock truck. A deal could not be reached between Sergio and Ernie, however, and he later found another truck. But looking back on those conversations, Sergio was glad he didn’t end up selling his truck off. He had his own plans to make the Might Max a slammed show truck.

After talking with some local mini-truck owners about his options to bag his truck, someone recommended Jake McKiddie. Sergio made a few phone calls and set up an appointment with Jake to install an airbag setup in his ride. When he got it back, it was everything he could ever want. It was bagged on all four corners with a raised bed floor to give a clean look. Jake did an excellent job and Sergio was so proud to show it off.

While at a car show, Sergio met Travis Burk from Burk’s Chop Shop. He suggested he prefabricate a cross member and Z the frame so it would lay on the ground. Travis also raised the gas tank a couple of inches so he wouldn’t accidently hit the road while riding low to the ground.

Sergio could consider the truck done by this point, but a part of him wants it to lay out even lower. This would definitely require a body drop in the future, as well as repainting the almost perfect factory paint to take care of some door dings from daily driving.

Looking back on his Mighty Max journey, Sergio can now say with certainty that he has 100% enjoyed every single step—and he looks forward to customizing it even more.


Sergio Torres

’94 Mitsubishi Might Max
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Severed Ties—Oklahoma


Shops: Travis Burk, Burk’s Chop Shop and Jake McKiddie, Phat Phabz
Z’d frame, re-fabbed tranny crossmember and raised gas tank by Burk’s Chop Shop
Front Suspension: 2-inch drop spindles, Firestone airbags by Phat Phabz
Rear Suspension: Triangulated (wishbone) four-link with Firestone airbags by Phat Phabz
Shocks: Monroe
Brakes: Stock


Engine: 2.4L, K&N air filter, MagnaFlow mufflers
Transmission: 5-speed transmission
Rearend: Stock
Custom two-piece drive shaft by Travis Burk


T-Rex Billet Phantom grille, clear tail/bumper lights.
Paint: Pinstriped by Erik Yales


Mazda bucket seats, Momo Shift knob
Stereo: Sony headunit, Kicker compnets, Kicker sub and Kicker amps

Wheels & Tires

Wheels: Intro Exposed 6, 18×8 front and rear
Tires: Dcenti 225/40/18 front and rear

Special Thanks goes to Jake McKiddie of Phat Phabz, Travis Burk of Burk’s Chop Shop, Joe Dazyczyn (for hooking up my sound), Ryan Ball (for cleaning up the wiring and helping maintain it), Allen Mason (for routine maintenance), his Severed Ties brothers and sisters, the guys and girls at, and last but definitely not least, his wife (and best friend) Jennifer for her love, understanding and support.

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