A LITTLE OVER FIVE YEARS ago, the first C10 Builder’s Guide was on newsstands, and I can remember being so excited to get my hands on that initial issue. Old Aux and Grey Goose graced the cover, and I knew this was the start of something big for the C10 community. Our own magazine—the C10 Bible. If you are reading this, you now know the issues are packed with all of the best builds, the best tech and the products we use and need!

Around that same time, I was told to check out this thing called Instagram. I thought Instagram was something moms did to make their pictures look better. Really! Boy, was I wrong. This social media tool catapulted the car scene from the forum era to social media era, connecting us with a true visual overload of what we loved: C10 trucks, C10 events and our amazing C10 community.

This was also about the time that I knew I had to start the C10 podcast, C10 Talk! I was nervous and excited. Did I mention EXCITED? I couldn’t wait. I feel the same way five years later. I look forward to each interview—getting to know the guest, asking them about their build, their challenges, why they chose a C10 … but what I enjoy probably as much if not more is pushing that SEND button, knowing that I am sending the story to you: the guys, the girls, the moms, the dads, the C10 nation.

I am writing this because, ironically, we have to slow down and remember where we came from. All of the above-mentioned things have brought our community together. More pictures, more trucks, more amazing builds, more garage, shady tree builds, more everything really. This is all amazing and I am honored and thankful that I am along for the ride. But just as we are moving at the speed of a fast Autocross C10, weaving in and out on the course, it’s good to remember where we have come from and reflect on how good or great we have it.

I can’t tell you where the next five years will take us. Will I still be penning the “Final Word”? Will the podcast still be broadcasting across the airways? I can’t tell you one way or another, but I can tell you I will still love C10 trucks and the community around it.

Cheers to the last five years. Bring on the next!