This Silverado Ain’t Hitching Ride

Here’s a familiar scenario: A guy buys a brand new truck with the intentions to only mildly customize it to make it more his own. When the first batch of parts just isn’t enough, in comes even more product—then some more, and more, and even more. This should hit home because it basically describes all of us at one point or another. There are those still in the fresh truck phase who may be contemplating whether to take their truck further, while there are others who understand their compulsion and don’t have a problem giving into the “more is more” mentality. 


There really is no wrong category to be in, but there is a distinct line on the pavement that separates the two types. Like many of us, Carlos Tellez, of Frisco, Texas, has much experience on both sides. Back in 2014, he purchased a brand new Chevy Silverado and didn’t really see himself doing much to it in the way of customization. It looked nice and drove great off the lot—why mess up a good thing, right? In a short matter of time, Carlos decided he wanted his new truck to sit a couple inches lower to get a sportier stance, and figured a 2/4 static drop would do the trick, which it did—for a while.

His Silverado was designed specifically to drive in the custom condition it is currently in, and he wouldn’t think of passing up any opportunity to hop behind the wheel.

“I realized soon enough that it still wasn’t enough for me, and I still had room to easily go lower,” he says. “It got to the point that the 5/7 lowering kit I slapped on still wasn’t low enough.”

It was at this point that Carlos figured he would be better off ‘bagging his truck—a decision he made a few years into owning the Silverado. It was a tough call given the added expense and down time, but it was the right call for him.

Accuair suspension products power the Silverado’s ride height while on the road and at rest.

“I started putting some ideas together, and got with SCC Shop, a suspension specialist in Crowley, Texas,” Carlos says. “My friend Saul Castaneda owns and operates the shop, and with his help, we were able to get my truck to sit lower than I had ever thought I would see it.”

To get the truck closer to the ground, a set of custom control arms were built, and many items in the engine bay had to be relocated in order to fit the set of 28-inch MTW wheels Carlos bought for the truck. Oh yeah—Carlos was all about slapping on a big set of billets while his Silverado was under the knife. This is Texas after all, and he figured capitalizing on the opportunity to get ahead of his urge to go bigger would keep him better satisfied over the long run. The rear suspension system consists of a three-link setup and an Accuair Endo tank, which is controlled by an e-Level touchpad to adjust the ride height to Carlos’ desire.

Between the time spent away from the truck while it was at the shop and driving it between the suspension phases, Carlos learned to enjoy his truck as much as he could, whenever he could.

“We started on the rear suspension first, and when it was done, I would drive it around with the truck half ‘bagged,” he says. “Then when the time was right, it went back into the shop to get the front done. Once we started, it felt like the customizing/alterations would never end.”

There was definitely a lot being done to create the exact truck Carlos was after, and he was able to maintain patience thanks to the encouragement from his better half.

“I met my wife in 2014, just after I bought the truck,” he says. “She was supportive and motivating during the whole process, and was always behind all the decisions to go as far as I did with the it. Luckily, we share the same passion, and I feel the build has been symbol of how we met in truck scene in the first place.”


With the constant reassurance behind him, Carlos pushed on and continued with the build so he and his lady could start enjoying long cruises to truck shows.

The next step in getting the truck ready to cruise was to look for another shop to get the interior space in order. Carlos wasn’t looking for anything too crazy for the cab, and he ultimately decided on a set of Katskin leather covers to give the seats a premium look and feel. The center console, door panels and dash were also attended to, to further spread the use of the color red to contrast the dark, plush upholstery. As an added bonus, a 12-inch monitor was installed in the dash for plenty of entertainment while on the road.

Now that Carlos is done with the truck (for now), he drives it as much as possible.

“People ask me all the time if I actually drive the truck or just trailer it around,” he says. “My answer is always the same—I do drive this truck. I think I’ve only had it on a trailer once, maybe twice. My wife and I do drive it frequently on the weekends or to many of the truck shows in Texas, with one of our favorites being Lone Star Throwdown.”

Carlos isn’t of the opinion to build a custom truck not to use it as it was intended for. His Silverado was designed specifically to drive in the custom condition it is currently in, and he wouldn’t think of passing up any opportunity to hop behind the wheel.

Although Carlos’ custom truck fantasy has been fulfilled, there are still plenty of modifications coming down the pipe. There is room for the truck to sit even lower, and he plans to have it laying body as soon as possible. Graphics on top of the factory black paint are definitely on the list, as are some serious engine upgrades in the way of possible twin turbos—things might get interesting real soon.

“I don’t see the point of building a truck without the intention to drive it,” he says. “It’s a never-ending hobby, and I plan to keep on adding to the truck so we’ll want to hit the road even more than we already do.”



Carlos Tellez
’14 Chevy Silverado
Frisco, Texas


  • Factory ’14 GM 5.3L V-8
  • K&N air intake
  • American Racing Headers long tube headers
  • Carven Exhaust 3-inch system

Body & Paint 

  • Shop: SCC Shop, Crowley, Texas
  • Factory GM black paint
  • Custom wheel tubs by SCC Shop
  • Z71 grille


  • Factory ’14 GM frame
  • Custom control arms
  • Accuair Endo tank and e-Level air management system
  • Dual Viair 480cc compressors
  • Baer Brakes Eradispeed rotors

Wheels & Tires 

  • 28×9 and 28×12 MTW Killa 6 wheels
  • 275/25/28 and 295/25/28 VersaTyre tires

Interior & Stereo 

  • Shop: Upholstery by Albert Limon, Grand Prairie, Texas
  • Katzkin leather seat covers in red/black
  • Custom wrapped red interior accents
  • Phoenix Android 12.1-inch navigation stereo unit