Bead Roller Dies EXPLAINED!! How to Choose the Right One For Your Project – 10 DEMO’s Best & Worst

On this episode of Make It Kustom, I give you the full run down on all the different types of bead roller dies and demonstrate the best, the worst and my favourites. I explain tipping dies for straight and curved flanges, stepping dies, beading dies as well as radius and round over. I also show you one of my favourite techniques for a Diamond tuft/quilted look.

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0:00 – Intro

3:09 – Tipping Dies for Straight Flanges (DEMO)

7:01 – Tipping Dies for Curved Flanges (DEMO)

9:48 – Tipping Wheel for Artistic Beadrolling

11:52 – The Basic Bead Roll (DEMO)

16:53 – Finishing Bead Roll Ends w/ Punch Tool (DEMO)

18:51 – Fave Eastwood Forming Dies for Basic Beadrolling (DEMO)

20:18 – Stepping Dies (DEMO)

26:44 – Fave Eastwood Stepping Dies (DEMO)

29:56 – Diamond Tuft / Quilted Pattern Techniques (DEMO)

36:27 – Round Over Dies (DEMO)

42:06 – Radius Step Roll (DEMO)

46:27 – Radius Step Roll on Flat Edge

47:40 – Outro

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