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Wes bought this 2005 Chevy Silverado here from a fellow Negative Camber member, and even though there was already a lot done to the truck, he still had a plan in mind to custom tailor the truck to meet his own personal style.

The Silverado was in damn good condition as-is, but Wes believed that it needed some tweaks here and there to finish it off for good.    

2005 Chevy Silverado“A buddy by the name of Doug Hanks from our South Carolina chapter sold the truck to me,” Wes says. “It was already painted brown and stock floored and on 26-inch Racelines. Everybody knew it as the ‘brother’s truck’ since Doug’s brother Dustin also owned it for a bit.”

The Silverado was in damn good condition as-is, but Wes believed that it needed some tweaks here and there to finish it off for good.

Custom bed liner“I wanted to do it my way, with some very specific things I wanted to change,” he says. “I first started with the wheels.”

Sticking with 26-inch sized hoops, Wes swapped out the old Racelines for a set of Intro Twisted Rally wheels—complete with Lexani LX-Twenty rubber.

“Looking at this truck, and back to my old Nissan, it’s funny how we used to think that 17s were huge,” Wes says. “Now, 30-inch wheels are where it’s at, but at the moment 26s are just fine for me. It’s interesting to look at how much has changed since then.”

Custom painted 2005 Chevy SilveradoNext, Wes was interested in pulling the tinted glass for clear before hopping on into the interior for a total overhaul, which really has become one of the 2005 Chevy Silverado highlighted features. Matt Reynolds of Charm City Upholstery and Interior out of Baltimore absolutely radicalized the Silverado’s interior space. Contrasting shades of brown leather skins were brought together to create a truly VIP experience within the cab. The seats are as plush as can be, and the one-off center console fabricated by Chris Rawlins at Exotic Auto Trends houses the air-ride controls, cup holders, charging dock and handy storage as well. To get the dash and all other plastic parts and pieces looking just as good as the upholstery work, Wes recruited Eric Foelber at Big Dog Customs to sand it all smooth and paint the surfaces to match. Toss in an Intro Twisted steering wheel and a full audio system featuring premium Kicker and JL components, and Wes was soon cruising with a show-worthy interior package.

Custom Charm City UpholsteryIntro Twisted Rally steering wheel

“I have always tried to do things the right way, not a lot of overkill,” Wes states. “I like a classy build, but I also like to enjoy my trucks as much as possible. Even though my Silverado was trailered to a far-away show, it was built to drive low and fast at 80 mph a half-inch off the ground. Auto Extremes sees to that, and Robert Robinson and his crew really know how to build a functional full-custom vehicle.”

Custom inner wheel tubssand-colored leather upholsteryEven though Wes no longer owns this 2005 Chevy Silverado, the experience gave him a lot great memories and allowed him to work with some very talented, well-respected folks in the industry.

“It just got to the point where I wasn’t driving the truck anymore due to being afraid of causing serious damage from taking it out,” Wes says. “It sucks it got to that point, but I think a lot of custom owners get stuck in this zone quite often. Fortunately, a great guy who is petitioning for NC Arizona purchased the truck, and he is currently driving the crap out of it, and that makes me happy. This truck deserves to be driven and driven as often as possible.

2005 Chevy with Matrix Jagermeister candy base paintF2005 Chevy factory 2005 5.3L V-8“This time around, a good friend of mine, John Jackson, took time out of his schedule to shoot the Silverado while I still had it,” Wes adds. “The late, great Courtney ‘Tito’ Hallowell shot my Hardbody for Mini Truckin’ back in the day, and a great friendship had sprouted from that experience. Both guys have garnered a lot of respect for the way they see a vehicle through a camera lens, and I’m honored to have their photo credits to both of these trucks of mine.”

Wes does have another project currently in the works, a white 2015 Sierra that affectionately goes by the name “Snoopy” around the Frisbee residence.

custom console by Chris Rawlins“Since my daughter Emerie has been born, she has taken a cue from her mom Trish’s love of ‘The Peanuts,’”, Wes says. “She called my blue C10 Lucy, and this brown Silverado was known as Charlie Brown, naturally. I’ve learned that these trucks come and go, some quicker than others, but family is forever. Shaun Cantrell, thank you for always being my road dog. Thanks to all of my brothers and sisters in Negative Camber; I love you all. Again, a big thank you to John Jackson for taking the time to show his skill at a small country church on an October evening.”



Wes Frisbee
2005 Chevy Silverado
Etowah, NC
Negative Camber 


  • Factory 2005 Chevy Silverado 5.3L V-8
  • Texas Speed intake manifold
  • Black Widow 2-inch exhaust system
  • 4L60E transmission w/ custom trans mount by Auto Extremes, Covington, GA
  • XS Power 12v battery


  • Shop: Robert Robinson @ Auto Extremes
  • ¾ frame w/ stock floor body drop
  • Dominator 2500 (front) and 1600 (rear) ‘bags
  • SMC valves
  • KYB shocks
  • Little Shop engine-driven compressors
  • Ekstensive Metal Woks front suspension kit
  • Rear Texas two-link setup

Wheels, Tires & Brakes 

  • 26-inch Intro Twisted Rally wheels
  • 305-30-26 Lexani LX-Twenty tires
  • 14-inch slotted rotors w/ six-piston calipers


  • Shop: Auto Extremes
  • Matrix Jagermeister candy base and clear paint
  • Paintwork by Robert Robinson
  • GM HD grille and hood
  • One-off, modified stock front bumper
  • Shaved gas door, tailgate handle and smooth roll pan


  • Charm City Upholstery and Interiors, Matt Reynolds, Baltimore
  • Factory seats covered in brown- and sand-colored leather upholstery
  • Intro Twisted Rally steering wheel
  • Kicker and JL Audio stereo components
  • Interior smoothed and painted by Eric Foelber @ Big Dog Customs
  • Stereo and custom console by Chris Rawlins @ Exotic Auto Trends