Annual Meetup for Ford Crew Cab Fans

Old Ford Crew Cabs: Those four words already mean so much to so many people. Robert Phillips never planned to become the unofficial spokesperson for OFCC. It just sort of happened. Getting his 1974 F-250 4×4 gave him the bug, which inevitably made him start the Instagram @OldFordCrewCabs, which most of us have come to really enjoy. 

Three years ago, a bunch of us OFCC enthusiasts were talking, and we realized we needed to get together with our buddies more often and have fun. Robert got in touch with Goodguys Rod & Custom Show and asked if we could crash the party. They were more than willing to have us come out, and that started what is now our annual hangout/meetup on the West coast.

The 2023 meetup in Scottsdale, Arizona, from March 17-19 was definitely an awesome one. So many great people came out and the rigs—oh, my lord, were they cool. When you get your first old Ford crew cab, it sort of feels like you join a gentlemen’s club. And then when you get together with dozens of likeminded people, it just invigorates the spirit in you. Year after year, we strive to make our rigs better, and then we bring them back out to show our buddies what we did and trade war stories on how we got there.

Overall, the event was awesome—and the people are who did that. Thank you to everyone who traveled from all over to enjoy this, and thank you to Robert for putting this together for all of us.

If anyone would like to see the video coverage of the event go to YouTube and search Ford Era Old Ford Crew Cab Meet.


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