Fun Down on the Coast-ish

Orange Beach Invasion is one of the most chill and laid-back shows on our event calendar, despite being held at “the beach” during Spring Break. You see, Orange Beach, Alabama, is still a bit of a secret little spot. We lucked out for sure this year, too, because we enjoyed beautiful weather despite the forecast threatening rain all weekend long.

The Wharf at Orange Beach is just an awesome venue that has it all in one location. You can even stay on the grounds, which has restaurants, bars, and shopping for the family. Even though there is limited space, the show really does a great job at filtering show vehicles to ensure that there is plenty to look at all weekend. And the variety is top notch from both lifted and lowered custom truck enthusiasts.

OBI is definitely one of our favorite shows where you can bring a chair with your ride and just hang out without having to leave the show area for food or entertainment, and being walking distance from the beach certainly helps round out the views. We’ll definitely see y’all out there next year!