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Dodge pickup

Custom Dodge Pickup

1938 Dodge pickup | SKR8PN!

Multiple Builders Add Their Skills to This Trophy-Winning Showstopper 1938 Dodge pickup Names SKR8PN! Building a show-winning custom truck is always a challeng...

2012 Dodge Ram 1500

Tips & Tricks on How to Quiet the Haters   Have people ever doubted you and told you from every direction that you can’t accomplish something your mind is ...

A Porsche 911 Pickup Truck? What!!??

Story from Jalopnik: You ever have something stupid in your head and you can’t shake it until you, in some way, see it through? I feel like an embarrassing num...

MINI-WHEAT | 2014 Dodge Ram

Ryan Milliken’s Unassuming Nine-second Ram AS THE SAYING GOES, YOU SHOULD NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER. The same could be said about Ryan Milliken’s ’14 Ram....