Most vehicles are considered a liability instead of an asset. Unless you happen to own a McLaren F1, your daily rig is unlikely to retain its value after years of hard work, dragging mud and hauling stuff.

But while most regular vehicles depreciate over time, a new study found that 4x4s like SUVs and pickups have the least depreciation after five years. Based on statistics compiled by, a website for buying and selling used cars, of the top ten vehicles with the lowest depreciation after five years, a solid nine are 4×4 rigs:

In fact, the sole non-4×4 in the list is the Subaru Impreza.

On the other hand, of the vehicles with the highest depreciation, three of the top 5 are electric cars:

This is probably due to the evolving nature of EV technology, which advances every year. The rest of the list are luxury cars, which makes sense since these ultra saloons (especially German ones) are packed with high-tech options that tend to break down over time.

So while we may not own vintage Ferraris, at least our trucks hold their value better than the latest S-class.