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Fashion on Four Wheels

Have you heard the term “red bottom shoes”? Well, we’re about to give you a free lesson in high fashion. If you’re a fan of pop culture at all, you’ve probably seen countless celebrities—from Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Meghan Markle to Selena Gomez, Blake Lively, Rihanna and Katy Perry—wear Christian Louboutin’s red bottom shoes. And at a price point of $800 and up, they’ve really become a status symbol for those in the market for high-fashion apparel. You may even recognize Ariana Grande’s song lyrics, “Happiness is the same price as red bottoms.” Also, the designer of these shoes is known for saying, “They completely change your body language, and you feel this sense of confidence from head to toe.” 

Alex Martinez knows exactly how important and show-stopping these shoes have become, so when the time came to name his show-stopping, trend-setting custom truck, Red Bottom was the perfect way to paint the picture.

Alex always wanted to build a new model truck straight off the lot but failed for one reason or another. This past year, he made sure that didn’t happen again. Just about one year before this photoshoot, Alex picked up this 2020 Chevy Silverado standard cab shortbed truck from the dealership and immediately dropped it off at Phat Phabz in Choctaw, Oklahoma, for a complete makeover.

Alex always wanted to build a new model truck straight off the lot but failed for one reason or another. This past year, he made sure that didn’t happen again. 

Red flames were always the plan for alex martinez’  2020 Chevy silverado, “Red bottom.”

After completely disassembling this brand new Bow Tie, the crew at Phat Phabz hand built a completely new frame for this truck’s body to sit flat on the ground. Before bolting the body up to the new bones, the entire chassis was powdercoated with a Prismatic Powders red coating. With the frame complete and back under the body, Phat Phabz installed Air Lift airbags, a 5-gallon air tank and Viair 485 compressors. Ridetech shocks were also bolted to all four corners, and an Air Lift 3H air management system was wired up. To clear some space under the truck, a fully custom aluminum fuel cell had to be welded together and installed. Once the fab work was complete, it was time to bolt up the wheels, and what massive wheels these are!

the crew at phat Phabz did a complete makeover on Alex’s truck.

Alex had to pre-order these 28-inch Intro wheels well before the SEMA deadline to make the big event. These massive blocks of aluminum are wrapped in CCA Formula 1 tires and don’t rub at any ride height. The rear wheels are 16 inches wide with a 3.5-inch backspacing, which is hard to comprehend without seeing them in person. The rear tire is a 405/26/R28, and you would be surprised how well they ride for how thin they are. When you look behind the bling, you see even more designer jewelry from one of our industry’s greatest brands. A 16-inch Wilwood TX6 Big Brake Kit with the electronic emergency brake makes for the perfect companion to those Intros. Little Shop Manufacturing engineered the perfect mounting solution for this setup on a 2020 Silverado.

massive 28-inch intro wheels are wrapped in CCA formula  1 tires

For paint, red flames were always the goal with this truck from the start, although Alex had some great ideas on body mods before the colors could be sprayed. The bed was shortened to fit the look he was going before the bumpers, and the bed rails and fuel door were all shaved smooth. A set of mirrors from a 2018 GMC Sierra were mounted in a new location, and a T Rex grille was custom cut to fit the front end. The entire body was then coated in House of Kolors Pearl White by Adolfo at Xtreme Paint in Palmview, Texas. Once the color was laid down and perfect, Edgar Solis from E.D.S Air Brush Graphics in Alamo, Texas, took over. A perfect set of Candy Red flames is what Edgar laid down, and Alex loved them at first sight. The interior needed to match the level of quality on the rest of the truck, so Kevin Guy and Guy Designz in Cypress, Texas, installed a new Alea Leather kit along with covering the rear panels and custom built center console in red leather as well.

The final piece of priceless fashion to be installed is in a place you won’t even see it, but we promise you’ll hear it. A W185RF Whipple Supercharger screams for attention under the hood of this ’20 Chevy. Uriel Paz at Paz Performance Solutions in Baytown, Texas, built up the original 5.3-liter LS to not only look good, but perform as it should. It looks like a Hot Wheels toy, and we can’t explain how awesome it truly is. You need to come out to a red carpet event like LST, Dino’s or Scrapin the Coast and examine it for yourself. Until then, just take our word for it.



Alex Martinez
Truck Name – Red Bottom
Club – R2RTruckings (Rags 2 Riches)
2020 Chevy Silverado


  • Phat Phabz custom frame
  • Air Lift airbags
  • 5-gallon air tank
  • ViAir 485 compressors
  • RideTech shocks
  • Air Lift 3H air Management system

Wheels & Tires:

  • 28×9 Front Intro EZ Wheels
  • 28×16 Rear Intro EZ Wheels
  • CCA Formula 1 405/26/R28 Tires
  • 16-inch Wilwood TX6 big brake kit
  • Electronic emergency brake
  • Little Shop Manufacturing brake mounting kit

Body Mods

  • Bed was shortened
  • Shaved bumpers, bed rails and fuel door
  • 2018 GMC Sierra mirrors
  • T-Rex grille
  • House of Kolors pearl white
  • Candy red flames


  • Alea Leather kit
  • Custom built center console


  • 5.3-liter LS
  • W185RF Whipple Supercharger