WHAT MAKES A PARTICULAR TRUCK SHOW A MUST-ATTEND EVENT? Is it the fun atmosphere over the weekend, the quality of vehicles that show up to compete or the countless number of people who dedicate their time to give you something unique? We say yes to all of the above—and you can find it all at the Forbidden Fantasy Show.

Brian Goude and his crew have created an event that brings the best-of-the-best rides with the best-of-the-best atmosphere. This is a show that gives it all and asks nothing in return except big smiles and plans to come back next year. The photos are only a small taste of what you can experience for yourself, but they give you a true sense of being there without ever leaving your home.

For more than 22 years, Goude and his Forbidden Fantasy family have been hosting a car show for everyone to appreciate. In 2016, the event moved from Lake Perris, California, to Avi Resort & Casino in Laughlin, Nevada. The resort fully supports the FFF Show, and it works very hard all year to keep the landscape top shelf. There’s even plans to improve the resort to accommodate an authentic vibe on the property. Since the move, the show has become one of the top events of the year, even next to SEMA. In 2017, 325 vehicles registered; in 2019, 356 vehicles registered.

Friends from all over the world plan a year or more in advance for this weekend. There were 22 people just from Canada, along with a few from Japan and Australia. Hotel rooms and show registration sold out in just 24 hours of it being open to the public, which is a record for FFF. Last year it happened in 36 hours!

“This event is all about bringing like-minded people together to have a great time,” Goude says. “And as long as everyone continues to have a great time, we will continue to do the event.”

Ideas for projects, chatter about past runs, reuniting with friends, creating new friendships from all over—that is what our scene is about. Every person who attends supports our same custom passion, from the builder who worked day in and day out just to get the details right, to companies like Proper Mobile Detailing shining up the ride out in the parking lot just before roll-in starts, to sponsors like Level Ride, Grindertv and Switch Suspension. These contributions evolve to the legendary annual Forbidden Fantasy Car Show.

Congratulations to some of the top winners, “Best of Show:” Jeff Popiolek, Forbidden Fantasy Canada Choice, Ross Logsdon and April Andrews from Layd II Rest, taking home the “Female Mini-Trucker Award.” A lot of blood, sweat and tears go into these projects. Very well deserved to you all.

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  • Grindertv
  • Switch Suspension
  • Stone Custom Fab
  • Fiction Fab
  • Frame and Glory Clothing
  • Pedantic Publishing
  • Kustom Life Clothing
  • Bottom Out Clothing
  • Pretty Low Clothing
  • Hammerd Weekend Wear
  • Cool Kids Shaved Ice


Krookid Photography Choice
Mike Alexander – Ford F-100

Forbidden Fantasy Canada Choice
Ross Logsdon – Sunset – 1956 Chevy 3100

Female Mini Truckers Association Award
April Chapman – Layd2Rest

Under Construction – Sponsored by Strictly Minis
Mater Hale – Unforgiven – 1958 Jeep FC-170

Wagon – Sponsored by Carolina Kustoms
Brian Salamunec – Art of Noize- 1997 Honda Accord Wagon

Lifted Truck –Sponsored by XMF Youth Racing
William Spier – Magical Minis – 1987 Toyota 4×4

Compact Car – Sponsored by Kern County Mini Truck Showdown
Ryan Burson – Perfect Poise – 1995 Honda Civic

Full Size Car – Sponsored by Scrapin The Coast
Juan Rosales – Severed Ties – 2005 300c

Best Classic Car – Sponsored by Powersource
David Aguilar – Severed Ties – 1964 Lincoln Continental

Best Interior – Sponsored by Carolina Customs
Graham Hancock – Mini Madness – 2007 Titan Dually

Best Suspension – Sponsored by Lowrider Depot
Brett Frith – Redemption – 2006 Chevy

Best Audio – Sponsored by Seductive Sounds
Munchees – No Regrets – 93 Suburban

Best Engine – Sponsored by Carolina Customs
Ross Logsdon – Sunset – 1956 Chevy 3100

Best Graphics – Sponsored by Battle in Bama
Carl Kolling – No Regrets – 1995 Chevy S10

Best Paint
Daniel Avila – No Regrets – 2002 Toyota Tacoma

Best SUV – Sponsored by MadhouseFX
Brad Bosman – Negative Camber – 2001 Ford Excursion

Best Full-Size Truck –Sponsored by Powersource
Albert Vorse – No Regrets – 2010 GMC Sierra

Best Classic Truck – Sponsored by Carolina Kustoms
Dennis Sever – 1947 Chevy Suburban

Lowest – Sponsored by Hammered Weekend Wear
Dave Melton – Severed Ties – 1967 VW Bug

Longest Distance – Sponsored by Relaxed Atmosphere Canada
Julian Heinrich – No Regrets -1987 Dodge D150

Best Mini Truck – Sponsored by Alex Who
Jeff Steiner – Perfect Poise- 2000 Nissan Frontier

Best of Show – Sponsored by Chad Criss Design
Jeff Popiolek – Severed Ties – 1990 Nissan Hardbody