Jun 27,2014

Pavement Surfer: M

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               It’s not everyday that …

               It’s not everyday that a parts com (more...)

Jun 20,2014

Blood, Sweat &

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This is far from your …

This is far from your typical truck build; some may even questio (more...)

Jun 13,2014

Submerged: A Uniqu

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         Most custom truck owners, …

         Most custom truck owners, when constructing thei (more...)

Dec2, 2013

Behind the Scenes January 2014..

Dec 7, 2012

Delmo's Speed

Jul 04,2014

Inside Look: From Race to Street at Flowm…

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Flowmaster was born out of …

Flowmaster was born out of necessity in 1983 by Ray Flugger in Kenwood, California. Sprint car racing was extremely popular, but noise became an issue with audiences and local residents. Ray developed exhaust (more...)

Jul 02,2014

New Image: Beautifying on a Budget With t…

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As custom truck enthusiasts, we’re …

As custom truck enthusiasts, we’re often watching our dollars carefully when working on a project. Who can resist achieving stunning results while saving some dough for a rainy day (or more truck parts)? Whe (more...)

Jun 30,2014

EFI for Dummies: Terminator System Makes …

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Carburetors have proven themselves to …

Carburetors have proven themselves to work for more than 100 years, but they are antiquated technology. Don’t get us wrong. Carbs are great in ideal situations, but conditions are usually imperfect. Anyone (more...)

Jun 25,2014

North to South: Morro Bay Ford F-100 Run

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                    The 43rd annual North-South …

                    The 43rd annual North-South Ford F-100 Run was held at picturesque Morro Bay, California. The La Serena Inn was the host hotel for the two-day event, and its prime locati (more...)

Jun 23,2014

Restyling! Easy Ways to Change the Look o…

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                         To automotive manufacturers, people …

                         To automotive manufacturers, people who change up the look or performance of their truck, aren’t referred to as gearheads, or to be even as enthusiasts. No, t (more...)

Jun 18,2014

Modern Fueling: Aeromotive Fuel System Up…

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                           Upgrading a 30-plus-year-old fuel …

                           Upgrading a 30-plus-year-old fuel system is always a good idea, especially if you’re also installing a new engine, fuel tank or doing an EFI conversion. C (more...)