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NEW ORLEANS – A popular way to customize a show vehicle is painting brake calipers to protect them from rust while making them aesthetically pleasing. The process involved can quickly add up, though, if taken to a professional shop. With a jack, a lug wrench, cleaning solution and paint from AutomotiveTouchup, the job can be done in a garage or in the driveway without involving a professional. The best part is that using AutomotiveTouchup allows for an exact color match to the vehicle rather than selecting from a handful of colors available through the detailers.

When it comes to automotive paint, black is not just black, red is more than just red and every other color formulated has varying degrees features. When shops use red paint on the brake caliper covers of a red car, that red may be too bright, too dark or too flat to match perfectly, thus standing out for the wrong reasons. A true-color match is the best option when painting the brake calipers the same color as the vehicle, something AutomotiveTouchup achieves by using the vehicle’s paint code.

Another option is to select a paint color which will be complementary to the vehicle’s paint without looking garish. Seeing a unique color while driving a black car could spark the desire to have that feature highlighted on the visible brake calipers. This is a favored technique amongst many car lovers and is a truly distinctive customization that is easy to do in the owner’s garage or driveway.

AutomotiveTouchup is a quick and easy three-step process consisting of a sandable primer, paint color and glossy clear coat. Once the calipers are cleaned of rust and debris buildup, simply apply the sandable primer in an even coat and allow to dry. If more is needed, apply once the previous coat of primer is completely dry. After the primer is finished, add the paint color in an even coat. Multiple coats of color may be needed and should only be applied once the previous coat is dry. Finally, the clear coat seals the color in and leaves a glossy finish.

Everything needed to paint the brake calipers is available on the company’s website, including dust masks, sandpaper, sanding blocks, prep solvent, rubbing compound, nitrile gloves and more.

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