TIMELESS BLUE | A Father-Daughter Bond That Can’t Be Broken

A Father-Daughter Bond That Can’t Be Broken

It has been said countless times, but no matter how many people repeat it, it will never stop being true. Nothing brings families together the way that custom projects do. Nothing forms the same kind of bond that a family truck can form. Whether it’s between a grandparent and grandkid, uncle, brother, sister, mother, father or son, there is something genuinely special about the way that hot rodding connects families through the generations. Karleigh and Stacy Campbell of Magnolia, Texas, are a father-and-daughter combo that brought this truck to life to share in a lifelong bond of custom classic trucks.

Having the chance to build this ’68 with her dad and cruise it around the country will be the memories she holds on to forever.

This 1968 hovers squarely above the gravel roads of Magnolia. A selection of aftermarket components and custom cuts keep it comfortably afloat.

Subtle updates from TMI and some “aloha” touches create an updated and comfortable cruiser for the whole family.

The rear section of this ’68 frame has been C-notched for maximum clearance. The original suspension has been done away with in favor of a parallel 2-link configuration with a track-locator bar. The front section of the chassis was completely replaced by a Mustang-II style conversion from Fatman Fabrication. The Fatman setup uses tubular upper and lower control arms along with the drop-member. It also allows for the easy conversion to rack and pinion steering. The front sits nice and level at its lowest point thanks to 2-inch drop spindles. Firestone airbags and KYB shocks reside at each corner of the truck.

The ground-level stance garners the attention it deserves of its own accord. But for good measure, Karleigh picked out a set of massive Raceline billet wheels. The exaggerated salt-flat style wheel measure 20×8.5 inches in the front but are 2 inches taller and 1 1/2 inches wider in the rear to boast a modest rear lip. The Racelines are fully polished, casting a mesmerizing reflection while they roll down the highway. 255/30/20 and 275/30/22 Nitto tires wrap up the rolling attire with Wilwood disc brakes peaking between their ovate relief sections.

One of the timeless features of Karleigh’s Ford is the presence of the original power plant. Under the broad blue hood is the 1968 240-Inline six. The Cleveland-made motor is known to be bulletproof. The 3.9L straight-six produced 150hp when new, however its original single-barrel carburetor has been upgraded to a Holley EFI Sniper. The modern system significantly increases its power and fuel efficiency. The motor was updated and refreshed in its entirety by Alan Harvey who also custom notched the oil pan in order to clear the crossmember of the Fatman front clip.

The exterior of Karleigh’s truck speaks volumes to her and her dad’s values when it comes to customs. Certainly, the dramatic stance and brilliant wheels show their love of all things custom. But the restored factory color is a perfect decision. Ford Motors has a long history of special blue paints. From the Caspian blue of the first-generation Mustang to the modern favorite Grabber Blue, and of course Ford Blue itself.

From 1967-1969, Ford trucks came in paint code A1887, Harbor Blue. Karleigh’s ’68 now wears a dazzling redone Harbor blue exterior. The color stretches from nose to tail. The OEM bumpers and front grille are coated in a complimentary glossy white. And the Chrome emblems, handles, and mirrors tie-together with the billet wheels perfectly.

For some added personal flair, Karleigh wanted an extended “aloha” theme to identify her truck as her own. The bed houses a custom ice chest and the cooler is paint matched white and sports harbor blue pinstripes along with brilliant pink Hibiscus flowers. The flower and pinstripe motif extend to over the white C-notch cover as well. The harbor blue stretches through the truck’s interior and is handsomely complemented with custom brown loop carpet and polished interior fixtures. The factory gauges are beautifully restored and a full TMI interior kit updates the cabin. Aged brown leather wraps the door panels, dash cover and TMI bench seat. The upholstery is finished with contrast white stitching. The steering wheel provides the final aloha with its Hawaiian beechwood grip.

Karleigh’s ’68 perfectly represents its special construction. The harbor blue exterior and minimalistic styling recall a long-standing family love of trucks. The slam’d stance and billet wheels demonstrate the passion for customs handed down by her dad. The subtle personality and aloha elements are unique touches that speak to her personal taste.

The truck is a beautiful family build and an amazing testament to the relationship between the father and daughter bond formed through this particular specimen being brought to life through their shared passions. According to Karleigh, the day after her truck was completed, her and her dad hopped in the Ford and drove it five hours straight to take home the Young Guns award from Goodguys in Fort Worth. Since riding in her dad Stacy’s custom trucks since birth, a custom F-100 of her own has meant something special to Karleigh. Having the chance to build this ’68 with her dad and cruise it around the country will be the memories she holds on to forever.

Tech Specs

Karleigh and Stacy Campbell

1968 Ford F-100
Magnolia, Texas


  • Custom C-notch
  • Custom 2-link with Track Location Bar
  • Fatman Fab Mustang-II front clip
  • Firestone airbags
  • KYB shocks
  • Accuair E-level


  • OEM 240 3.9L Strait-6
  • Holley Sniper EFI


  • Raceline Billet salt-flats, 20×8.5, 22×10
  • Nitto Tires 255/35/20, 275/35/20
  • Wilwood Disc Brakes


  • OEM color, Harbor Blue
  • White grille and bumpers
  • Custom pinstripes and flower motif


  • TMI interior: Dash cover, bench seat, and door-panels: aged brown leather with white stitching
  • Custom brown loop carpet
  • Restored gauges and dash
  • Custom steering wheel with Hawaiian beechwood grip

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