Ten Years and One Apocalypse Strong Lone Star Throwdown Event Coverage 2021!

Fellow enthusiasts, congratulations! We made it! We survived 2020 and made it all the way to February 2021 to take the first real bites of “normalcy” that many of us have had a chance to enjoy in quite some time—and damn, it felt good. People and vehicles alike flocked from all over the nation to Conroe, Texas, on the last weekend of February to forget about all the bizarreness of their past year. Also, we all just need to address this right off the bat about Lone Star Throwdown weekend this year: No matter what you believe in, some higher power was responsible for the incredible weather. Legit, it was the best three days of weather in all aspects that we can recall at this show. 

Lone Star Throwdown Event Coverage 2021Lone Star Throwdown Event Coverage 2021Jason Ballard Lone Star Throwdown Event Lone Star Throwdown Event Coverage 2021Lone Star Throwdown Event Coverage 2021Lone Star Throwdown Event Coverage 2021Lone Star Throwdown Event Coverage 2021

Though we saw no builds straight out of SEMA this year due to that whole “SEMA didn’t actually happen in 2020” thing, we got lucky. We got to attend something better than shoulder-to-shoulder crowded buildings and watching strangers sit on the fenders of our friends’ hard work as they eat pretzels and count free keychains. We had the LST, with the entire Lone Star Expo Center absolutely slam-packed with every type of build you could hope to see and then some! From bodied trucks on 30-inch billets to sky-high lifted rigs with more powdercoat, chrome and stereo than you could fit in your house, this show has everything. Heck, do you want to go on a ride in a monster truck? Need to see a donked lifted limo in true Texas fashion? It was all there.

A show this great also has great supporters behind it. In addition to the incredible staff and promoters who host and run this beautiful circus, many sponsors show up year after year to support the scene and keep things moving flawlessly, including PSE, Airlift Performance, Summit Racing, All Out Off-Road, Phat Phabz, American Force Wheels and many, many more.

Speaking of which, the American Force Arena was again a big draw for this Midwest beast of a show. People gathered around the best of builds lined up on AFWs, hard parked on the dirt floor arena, as if they were in the big tent in the middle of the LST circus. By the way, if you haven’t taken time to meet that great crew of guys, make an effort to do so next time.

If all that wasn’t enough to convince you of how great this show is, there’s an insane food court area and some of the most insane, impressive awards you will ever see at any show. Phil Cholette designs and machines these billet masterpieces every year—and he always outdoes himself.

Book your rooms for next year’s show, work hard on your builds, buy a pre-registration early as you can, and maybe in 2022, you can have one of Phil’s masterpieces for yourself!

Meanwhile, keep an eye on www.lonestarthrowdown.com for the latest information on next year’s event.