The December ” Photography Spotlight ” is Angel Dooly. Angel is one of the top Automotive Photographers in the business today. You can see her work here at Street Trucks or various other outlets. Check out our 1 on 1 interview and some of her work to follow.


ST: Introduce yourself. Let people get to know the

woman behind the lens


AD:- My name is Angel Dooly. I have been a photographer for about 15 years and currently based in Houston, TX. When I’m not shooting photos, I’m running a Brokerage Firm called Marie Jane Co.


ST: When did you get into photography?


AD: – Started out in high school by photographing live bands(mostly metal bands) and doing some promo style shots for the bands. Around that time I learned a lot of “old-school” dark room & long exposure techniques.


ST: Who are some of your influences?


AD: – The list is long, but I would say some top influences would be Easton Chang, Oskar Bakke, Pepper Yandell, but also Johnny O, Mike Alexander, & John Jackson to name a few.


ST: When you go do a shoot, what’s in the camera bag?


AD: – Sony a7III, 70-200mm, 28-135mm, 90mm, ND filters, tripod.


ST: Describe your lighting when and if you decide to use



AD: – My travel lights are AD600s & a couple RGB light bars and some LED panels.


ST: Describe some things when you are at a show that

makes a truck standout to you.


AD: – Clean lines, complementing color choices between paint & interior.


ST: Do you have a favorite shoot you have done?

Describe it.


AD: – My favorite shoot has to be the K5 Blazer out in the desert, It was only the 2nd automotive shoot for me, but the weather, the lighting and everything aligned perfectly and it was my first Street Trucks cover. But In terms of most memorable shoot, would have to be Neil’s Pretty Penny. It less “work” and more hanging out with a bunch of your friends, laughing, and having a great time.


ST: What are your thoughts on the current and future

state of the industry?


AD:  – It’s always evolving and I can’t wait to see what new and creative concepts everyone comes up with!


ST: What advice would you give to new photographers?


AD: – Take the shot! You learn more by doing. Also, Collaborate. Find another photographer that inspires you and offer to assist or provide them with content for their own social media while you learn from them. Lastly, get insurance on your equipment, especially if you’re doing rolling shots.


ST: Last minute thoughts you would like to give to the

Street Trucks community.


AD: – Community over competition always.