Slammed Silverado with a 2018 Cadillac Escalade conversion!

The Best Things in Life Take the Longest to Make

Snowball effect: when a small snowball starts rolling down a hill and eventually becomes much larger. The reason people refer to truck building as the “snowball effect” is because one modification never is enough. Most truck owners can relate to this scenario, as they usually start slow but can easily be lured into builds to stagger their competition. Panchito Castillo first bought his 2009 Chevy Silverado 1500 brand-new in ’09 and wanted to add just a few little additions. Those additions became like a drug and that’s where Sorry4DaWait began.

As a Team Billet member, he knew he couldn’t be like just another drop in the sea of Chevys running around, especially being in the Houston area.

“I wanted to make sure I did enough to stand out and to get my fix,” Panchito says.

The Snowball Starts Rollin’

The first stop was All Star Customs in Alvin, Texas. Owner Anthony Wilfong added a full air-ride suspension and a 4-link, bringing the Chevy to the ground at the touch of a switch. With the truck suspension altered, Panchito wanted to turn his attention to the exterior.

“I’ve always liked the look of the newer GMC Denali,” Panchito tells Street Trucks. “I wanted to see how I could incorporate the stylish frontend to my Chevy.”

Francisco Rios, one of Panchito’s friends from Team Billet who owns Rios Kustoms in Fort Worth, Texas, was well versed in conversions, so he took on the task of removing the stock 2009 frontend and adding a full front clip from a 2017 GMC Yukon Denali. Once the front clip was fitted perfectly onto the Silverado, it was time to send the truck to paint. A House of Kolor blend of Root Beer and Black (depending on how the sun hits it) was used to coat the long exterior.

The complete interior from a 2018 Cadillac Escalade was purchased and installed in place
of the original, which was not an easy task.

While the paint process was underway, Panchito still had ideas for something different. Jesus Castillo from Pales Custom came in to bring Panchito’s vision to life. A full shaved rearend was constructed and the taillights were relocated to the bumper. The bed was shaved and bead-rolled to look smoother. Francisco came back to finish the paint and blend the new additions together. In the cabin, Panchito wanted to again be unique. He came up with the idea to add a completely different interior to his GMC/Chevy hybrid.

Enrique Lopez at Enrique’s Upholstery in Houston initially told Panchito it simply wouldn’t fit. Not willing to take no for an answer, Panchito insisted that if they worked together, they could make it fit perfectly. A full stock 2018 Cadillac Escalade interior was purchased and step-by-step was maneuvered inside the Silverado.

“It took a few attempts,” Panchito says, “but I never give up.”

The dashboard and the brackets behind it had to be completely modified to fit the full interior and dash. Once these were added, a JL Audio stereo system was installed, utilizing the stock Cadillac head unit.

Just One More Mod

Although Panchito could have just left the truck alone at this point, the snowball factor once again came into effect. The Silverado/Yukon/Escalade was brought to A1 Transmission in Pasadena, Texas, where Saul Rodriguez added the complete overhaul. Performance parts were added throughout, giving the stock motor some boost and allowing it to perform above the standard truck model. When the time came to outfit the new look with the perfect wheels, Panchito contacted José Moreno, the owner of Intro Wheels, from whom he purchased directly a set of Intro Retro wheels.

I wanted to make sure I did enough to stand out and to get my fix.

Sorry4DaWait was the term that Panchito coined for his truck because during the build process that spanned about three years, he had to constantly remind eager eyes that it would be “just a bit longer.” Of course, they say that the best things in life are worth waiting for, so Panchito never rushed the process. He knew that once all his visions and ideas were instilled on his truck, it would be done to perfection. His initial push was from his fiancée, Yesenia Fernandez, so he wants to make sure she gets the recognition for helping him realize the potential he had. Panchito also wants to thank his three children, Adrian, Ivan, and Nailea, for all their love and support. He may be saying sorry for the wait, but it was so worth it.

Panchito coined his truck Sorry4DaWait because during the build process that spanned about three years,he had to constantly remind eager eyes that it would be “just a bit longer.”


Panchito Castillo
2009 Chevy Silverado 1500
Team Billet


Front Suspension: All Star Customs front control arms kit, Slam Specialties 2,600-pound airbags, Fox shocks
Rear Suspension: 4-link All Star Customs setup. Slam Specialties 2,600-pound airbags, two Viair 480 compressors, 5-gallon air tank


Engine: 5.3L V-8, K&N cold-air intake, Red Top Optima, Performance underdrive pulley, custom grid cam, custom double valve springs, custom pushrods, HP Tuners by KHP Performance in Pasadena, Texas
Transmission: 4l60e built by A1 Transmissions in Pasadena, Texas, 3200 billet stall by Circle D
Rearend: 4:10 gears with Truetrac posi unit built by A1 Transmissions


House of Kolor Root Beer Brown and Black
Metallic Gray and Sunset Orange graphics all painted by Rios Kustoms in Fort Worth, Texas
2017 GMC Yukon Denali frontend conversion
Shaved gas cap
Top rail pockets
Shaved taillights and LED lights relocated to bumper
Shaved tailgate
Bed shaved and made from sheetmetal with bead row by Pales Custom in Houston


2018 Cadillac Escalade conversion, Intro steering wheel
Stereo: Stock Cadillac head unit, JL Audio mids and highs, one JL Audio W7 subwoofer, JL Audio JX1000 amplifier


Wheels: 26×9 and 28×12 reverse lip Intro Retro wheels
Tires: 255/30R26 and 295/25R28 Pirelli tires


Yesenia Fernandez; my three kids, Adrian, Ivan, and Nailea; my brother Ruben Castillo for having the same passion growing up with me; Rios Kustoms; A1 Transmissions; Enrique’s Upholstery; Pales Customs; All Star Customs; Intro Wheels; and Azteca Tires & Wheels

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