Sergeant Square | Customization and Generosity Collide

Street Trucks Magazine’s Sergeant Square charity project, aimed at supporting Mission 22 in its fight against veteran suicide, continues to gain momentum. The ongoing restoration of the 1985 Chevy Squarebody pickup truck is making remarkable progress, with recent developments highlighting the truck’s enhanced customization and a surprise donation. As we embark on the next phase of this project, the Street Trucks team is eager to unveil the Sergeant Square at the highly anticipated SEMA 2023 event.

Customization Galore

In our previous update, we shared the exciting news of a partnership with Scoggin-Dickey Motorsports, which provided the company’s cutting-edge 6.2-liter Chevy Connect and cruise engine and transmission package. This powerful upgrade promises to take the performance of Sergeant Square to unprecedented heights. However, the customization does not stop there. Collaborating with Salvage to Savage, Street Trucks has added a unique touch by assembling the bed and welding a custom bed floor. This attention to detail ensures that Sergeant Square will be a head-turner in every way.

Bumper Modifications

Taking their fabrication skills to the next level, the Salvage to Savage team embarked on creating custom bumper mounts for the stock squarebody bumpers. By “frenching” the front and rear bumpers, they achieved a sleeker look that enhances the truck’s overall profile. This thoughtful modification not only adds aesthetic appeal, but it also showcases the team’s commitment to making Sergeant Square a standout vehicle.

Fuel Cell and Inner Fenders

In addition to the bumper modifications, Salvage to Savage fabricator Dave Rosenstraus crafted a custom mount for the Boyd’s fuel cell, ensuring its secure placement in the truck. Furthermore, modified inner fenders were installed to prevent dirt, dust, or mud from affecting the engine bay while the Chevy Squarebody cruises down the road. These meticulous touches exemplify the dedication to both functionality and style in Sergeant Square’s build.

Generosity Takes Center Stage

The Sergeant Square project not only represents automotive design excellence, but it also embodies the spirit of charitable giving. Icon Investments recently surprised Street Trucks magazine and Mission 22 teams with an oversized donation check amounting to $10,000 from Anthony at Icon Investments. This generous contribution will play a crucial role in funding the build and furthering the impact of this noble endeavor.

Looking Ahead

As our time with the truck draws to a close, the journey for the Sergeant Square is far from over. With SEMA 2023 on the horizon, the anticipation builds as Street Trucks meticulously prepares the C10 Squarebody for the auction. Stay connected with Street Trucks magazine to witness the final touches and see the transformation of Sergeant Square into a vehicle capable of making a significant difference in supporting our veterans.

The Sergeant Square project continues to gain momentum, with each update showcasing the remarkable customization and generosity behind this charitable initiative. The Street Trucks team’s dedication to creating a standout Chevy Squarebody, combined with Icon Investments’ generous donation, ensure that the Sergeant Square will have a lasting impact on the mission to combat veteran suicide. With SEMA 2023 serving as the grand unveiling, the auction of this meticulously restored truck promises to raise substantial funds for Mission 22, bringing hope and support to veterans in need.

A glimpse into the future: The final rendering reveals the stunning vision for the completed Sergeant Square project truck.A glimpse into the future: The final rendering reveals the stunning vision for the completed Sergeant Square project truck.
In this issue, we are going to fit these new LMC bumpers to the front of our All American Chassis.
he chassis does not currently have bumper mounting locations, so the team at Salvage to Savage will need to fabricate some brackets.
Here you can see how the factory brackets do not have a mounting location.
After some measurements, Salvage to Savage fabricator Dave Rosenstraus made some custom bumper mounts using the plasma cutter and a TIG welder.
Dave also welded bumper studs in the factory bolt locations so we can have a smooth, clean look to the front bumper.
The new smooth bumper looks great mounted up, but Dave has another trick up his sleeve.

To make the bumper even more trick looking, Dave cut the ends off and re-welded them in tighter to the body, giving them a much cleaner look. The things you don’t notice make the biggest impact sometimes.
Here you can see how tight the bumper fits. It looks amazing!
Looks like Dave is happy with the results as well.
Now to focus on the rear bumper. New brackets will need to be made for the rear also.

Dave knocked out another set of super sweet bumper brackets for Sergeant Square that are fully serviceable and removable.
With the bumpers completed, Dave can start installing the Boyds EFI tank with Aeromotive Stealth 340 in-tank pump.
The tank is mounted to the frame using bolts, so it is easily removable. Boyd Welding was established in 2008 with a sole focus of producing high-quality aluminum tanks, and we recommend them for your build.

With the tank in place, the bed can be bolted back on. It’s time for Dave to drill the hole for the gas filler neck.
Dave welded the filler neck and installed it with a disconnect so we can remove the bed if needed.
The final goal with this issue is to add the mild Slosh Tubz inner wheelwells. We also picked up the inner fender panels to add some more custom touches.
Dave used the provided template to mark out the cuts needed to install the Slosh Tubz.
Now he can cut the excess inner fender material away to have enough clearance. These tubs simply bolt in after some trimming and drilling.
The Slosh Tubz look amazing! The inside of this engine bay will be like no other, especially with that 6.2-liter LS engine.

The last bigsurprise we have to announce is a $10,000 donation to help fund the Mission 22 charity build from Anthony at Icon Investments. This amazing show of support will guarantee we cross the finish line with a truck worthy enough to big a massive sale during the Palm Beach Barrett- Jackson auction, where all the profits will be donated to
Mission 22.


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