It’s time for Street Trucks magazine to give back! We are partnering with Mission 22 for a unique charity project designed to raise as much money as possible for this amazing nonprofit organization. Their goal is to decrease the number of active and non-active military suicides from the current average of 22 per day.

We have all seen themed charity truck builds in the past, but we intend to do something a little different with Sergeant Square. Instead of creating a military-themed truck or building a vehicle to give to a deserving service member, we hired one of the nation’s top truck designers to create the ultimate looking and most desirable Chevy Squarebody on the planet.

Our 1985 Chevy C10 pickup truck restoration project is currently a rusty pile of parts, but thanks to some amazing industry support, it will soon look like the rendering you see below. Once it’s built, we will take it on tour to multiple automotive and military events around the country before displaying it at our SEMA Show booth in 2023. The final destination for this Sergeant will be on the auction block at Barrett Jackson in Scottsdale where 100% of the profits will be donated to Mission 22.

We have some new great sponsors on board including Classic Industries, LMC Truck, QA1, Slosh Tubz, and All American Chassis.

Here you can see the current state of our Sergeant. He’s old, retired, and looks a little grumpy. That’s OK though. He will stand guard once again very soon!

Thanks to Chris Stafford of Stafford’s Garage and Chad Canning from Rendered Rides, you can see into the future with this amazing rendering. Wait until you see it in person!

The Sergeant currently has no engine, which takes one task off our plate. Now we need to decide what to put in its place. Any suggestions?

The lights, grille, body panels, and bumpers will all be replaced with new factory reproduction pieces, making it basically a brand new truck.

All American Chassis stepped up to the plate to build a completely custom chassis for our Sergeant, which will undoubtedly garner more profits from the sale and, in turn, help Mission 22 save some lives of military members through their amazing efforts.

For this truck to be desirable to anyone and everyone, QA1 will set the height and ride quality by mounting its coilovers to all four corners.

If you’re familiar with Squarebody trucks, you know they won’t go too low in the front without the tire rubbing the inner fenders. Thanks to the amazing engineering behind Slosh Tubz, we are able to remove the factory fender wells and swap them out with these units that will give us all the room we need.

LMC Truck is making this truck great again with all new exterior body panels as well as new bumpers and trim. Did you know they had all these parts for your classic truck, too?


The glass, lights, and interior also have to be replaced, and we knew just who to call. Classic Industries is a top name in the game, and we are so excited to have them on the docket. More info coming soon!

For now, we need to start the breakdown, so up on the lift it goes. We will be producing lots of killer video content as well, and you may have already missed a few parts so scan the QR code and catch up with the progress!