SEMA ’23 Wrap-Up: Trucks, Trends, and Triumphs

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AT THE TIME OF THIS WRITING, WE JUST FINISHED OUR ANNUAL PILGRIMAGE TO THE SEMA SHOW IN LAS VEGAS. We can easily say “WOW” every year post-SEMA, and this year is no exception. The impact of the truck segment within the automotive world is amazing. Although traditional classic trucks are and will remain a mainstay at shows around the county, no one can deny the impact of late-model pickups.

Whether lifted to the sky or body-dropped to the pavement, trucks were everywhere at SEMA ’23. Phat Phabz had 10 rides showcased at the annual event, and nearly all its rides were trucks—including a brand new 2024 Chevy crew cab dually that took about eight weeks to build!

Shoutout to Negative Camber Florida members Randy Frederick and Mike Barica, who are both former Street Trucks mag cover truck owners. Mike surprised everyone with a refresh on his No Compromize dually, while Randy showcased his 2Ballistic build in the Kicker Audio booth for the world to see. Every year we are amazed to see what the truck scene does to raise the bar, and this year was no exception.

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Jason “ODB” Ballard

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