Rick Ross Hosts The Promise Land Car & Bike Show

Heavy Hitters at Rozay Mansion

 Everything about rapper Rick Ross is larger than life, so when he announced that he would be hosting a show at his own house, word spread fast that this would be the event to attend in 2022. Touted by RR himself as the biggest show to ever hit the Atlanta area, The Promise Land show drew the slickest local rides, as well as plenty from other states near and far. 

Held on Ross’ 235-acre property, there was no shortage of space for the hundreds of rides in attendance, not to mention the thousands of spectators. At $750 per ticket to enter (and $250 for spectators!), anyone attending with their ride had to be sure that it was up to snuff, and most went above and beyond. It seemed like almost every classic car and truck had some sort of LS- or LT-based engine, and the majority of those were boosted with either turbos or superchargers as well. On top of that, large wheels were pretty much the rule, with quite a few 30-inch and larger sets proudly on display on big-money builds.

But this wasn’t just a fancy version of a parking lot meet, as lots of vendors and food trucks were on hand to make sure that everyone could pick up plenty of merch and stay well-fed all day long. Tons of Ross’ personal rides were on display as well, from old schools to new customized side-by-sides and exotics. And although plenty of folks were hoping for a tour of the 45,000-square-foot mansion, seeing Da Boss’ expansive fleet in all its glory did not disappoint.

And if you needed a new set of fronts or a new chain the size of an anchor, Johnny Dang himself was posted up with the latest custom jewelry fresh out of his shop on display. Lots of big stars, including 2Chainz, Curren$y, and Chad Ochocinco were also in attendance, taking in the sights with everyone else.

At the end of the day, Ross awarded the owners of the best of the best with impressive iced-out chains for their efforts, and it was quickly announced that the show was so successful that an event for 2023 is practically guaranteed. For more info, search your favorite socials for @rickrosscarshow.


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