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Todays Podcast Spotlight “C10 Talk ” with host Ronnie Wetch. No stranger to podcast besides “C10 Talk” you have heard Ronnie on various other podcast including OBS Talk, Bronco Talk, Dodge Pod, F100 Talk, and Pro Touring Talk. Today we sit down and discuss the “C10 Talk” podcast.


ST: Tell us about you and your co-host if you have someone on the mic with you?


RW: I have been the host of C10 Talk for over the last 7 years. I am a Professional Fire Captain/Paramedic for the City of Chandler AZ Fire Dept. I am married to my amazing wife Autumn for 22 years, and we have 3 kids, 19,16,14!





ST: Do you and your co-host have custom vehicles?


RW:  I have a handful of trucks, in various stages – Orange Slice which was the Cover Truck (Oct 2020 – Street Trucks) is a rare 1976 Impact Sticker GMC Sierra Classic is my current go to. 




ST: Give us the overview of your custom vehicles.


RW:  I have a few that I have done over the years “Picacho” 1968 C10 with Porterbuilt front and rear, on 20’s, “YelLOWstone” was a 1973 Crew Cab truck lowered with airbags (Accuair) with a full camper in the rear (Street Trucks Oct-2019) ! “Orange Slice” See above. I recently picked up a 1990 xtra cab Chevy “OBS” truck that will be something I work on next as well. 



ST: Give us an overview of the podcast.


RW: . Anything and everything C10 Trucks. I enjoy getting the trucks story and obviously how the builder and the truck have become one! (people enjoy talking about their trucks)  Every truck has a story. The community – what is happening, current events and shows coming up. Staying in tune with the C10 World! 




ST: What platforms can we find your podcast?


RW: ? ITunes, Pandora, Stitcher Radio, Spotify, YouTube, Podbean, Amazon Music, and many more! 




ST: What is the frequency of your podcast?


RW: 2-3 times a month! 




ST: What made you or your cohost start this podcast?


RW:  I enjoyed listening to podcasts, and wanted to know more about the builds than what I saw on the forums or magazines. The “journey” of the build, the struggle, the adventure of the entire thing, and what the truck/build means to the owner and family. 



ST: What were some of the struggles you had in the beginning?


RW: I started over 7 years ago, so I’d say getting people to understand what the hell a podcast was! lol




ST: What were some of the wins you had that you knew it was going to work?


RW: The community embraced the pod, the supportive and encouraging words were very rewarding and continues to fuel the podcast each and every episode. 





ST: I know you love all your podcast, but do you have a couple must listen to podcast?


RW: ? I would say episodes that have truck history! I was able to interview Mr. Paul Hitch, who was Chief Engineer for GM trucks from 1964-1976. He was 101 the first time I was able to interview him (126),  and 102 the second time we talked (137). Keith Seymore who worked for GM, including on the assembly line in the 80’s (166). There are a few interviews that I have been able to do with people who may have been truck friends when we first meet, but over time they have become friends for life! The Truck community is really a special group of people and being the voice behind some of that is an honor! 




ST: Do you sell merchandise and at what point did you decide to try and sell merchandise?


RW: Yes. Probably a combination of the people asking for it, and some cool ideas that I’ve had for designs fueled the merchandise part of the podcast. I would also say that when someone is going to pay, say $20 – $50 of their hard-earned money, and buy, wear a C10 Talk hat for example, it’s a big deal to me. Another humbling experience is walking around at a truck show or event and seeing someone wearing your gear, and supporting you, its powerful for sure



ST: Where can we buy this merchandise?


RW: www.trucktalkmedia.comwww.c10talk.com




ST What advise you would give to anyone wanting to start a podcast?


RW: If you are passionate about something, DO IT! Just know that there is a decent amount of work making it all happen, on average I would say 4-5 hours for a 1-hour podcast episode. Know that consistency is probably one of the most important things you can do, be consistent. Give your audience something fun and exciting to listen too. Have some questions prepared, don’t just wing it! Know that you will get better each and every episode as you get more and more comfortable behind the mic. 



ST: What do you think about the current and future state of the industry?


RW: That sounds like a good podcast episode!! I think the Classic Truck, Hobbyist community is AWESOME and we continue to be a positive force in the car culture community. We are in a movement, of RAD trucks, RAD people and GREAT TIMES, don’t over think it – just get out there and enjoy it! 




ST: Thank you for the interview and do you have any last parting words for our readers?


RW: ? I’ve said it a lot on my podcast and my audience knows it, “The trucks are cool, but the people are cooler!” so go out and get involved with your truck community and meet some great people, like myself you will most likely meet someone or a few someone’s that become lifelong friends’. If you are reading this, you are a passionate truck enthusiast already! Now go out in that garage and get to work. Your truck doesn’t have to be a SEMA show stopper, but something you love and have put your hard work and vision into. Finishing a project or build, attending a show, driving a build you have poured countless time, money and energy into is one of the most rewarding things you can do in your life!