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This month “ Photographer Spotlight “ is Grant Cox. Grant is one of the top photographers in the automotive scene. Check out a little history about Grant and may a few tips as we interview him below. Also check out a few of his favorite pictures he has taken.

ST: Introduce yourself. Let people get to know the man/woman behind the lens.


GC: Since July 2011, I have over 200 national published photoshoot features and tech article features. My roles and responsibilities as a Freelance Photographer include networking with magazine editors across the nation to create content for publication.  This would include photoshoots with owners/companies featuring their automobiles and products.

ST: When did you get into photography?


GC: When I was in Grade school (mid 80’s), my parents took me to my first car show.  My parents gave me a little point and shoot 35mm camera to take pictures of what I saw at the car show.  I was hooked from that point on.

ST: Do you have any covers and if so, how many?


GC: My photoshoots have resulted in over 65 covers throughout the multiple magazine titles I covered for.

ST: Who are some of your influences?


GC: Josh Mishler, Rob McGaffin, Chris Shelton, Kevin Agular and John O’Neill.

ST: When you go do  a shoot, what’s in the camera bag?


GC: I shoot with Nikon equipment. Currently I use a Nikon Z6 camera body with the Nikon 24-70mm 2.8 & 70-200mm 2.8 lenses.

ST: Describe your lighting when and if you decide to use it.


GC: I started out using the Kansas sunsets to light my shoots. As time went on, I taught myself how to use speedlights and strobes by reading books, watching videos and asking fellow photographers in the Bizz. 

ST: Describe somethings when you are at a show that makes a truck standout to you.

GC: I like to see something unique in a build that makes it stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

ST: Do you have a favorite shoot you have done? Describe it.


GC: Being from Kansas, I have always loved the Vegas dry lakebed shoots.  The scenery is like nothing I have ever experienced.

ST: What are your thoughts on the current and future state of the industry?


GC: That is the Million Dollar question, as what we have experienced with COVID. Business and lives have changed and what I would have hoped for the better, hasn’t been that case. 

ST: What advice would you give to new photographers?


GC: Practice, practice, practice…..   Always be open for criticism on your work. 

ST: Last minute thoughts you would like to give to the street trucks community.


GC: Enjoy every moment you have in what you do, as we have all experienced. Things can change rapidly in the blink of an eye.  Go out and travel to those truck shows you have always wanted to see.  Don’t be shy and make new friends who have like taste as yours.