QA1 Coilover Suspension Install for Your Modern F-150

The team at F-Series Builder’s Guide is always on the lookout for groundbreaking upgrades that elevate a truck’s performance and style. When QA1 unveiled its latest line of modern F-Series truck suspension products, the parts immediately caught our attention. The promise of enhanced ride quality, adjustable stance, and easy installation made it an irresistible choice for our next project: a 2018 Ford F-150 that was in need of a suspension makeover.

The highlight of QA1’s lineup is the lowering kit for the 2015-2020 Ford F-150, which boasts a combination of front Pro Coil coilovers and a rear drop kit. It was a revolutionary approach that promised not just a lowered stance but also a noticeable performance boost. We were sold on the idea of taking this truck’s handling and appearance to the next level.

Jesse Cowles, QA1’s product manager, spoke about the innovation and quality behind the company’s lowering kits.

The truck for this makeover project is a 2018 Ford F-150 that had some random modifications already added. It was time to take it to the next level.

“That commitment to excellence resonated with our vision for this project—a seamless blend of aesthetics and performance,” he says. “With an easy bolt-in installation and a lifetime warranty on shocks, QA1 showcased a dedication to customer satisfaction that aligned perfectly with our standards.”

We paired the new QA1 suspension setup with Vossen’s Hybrid Forged HF6-4 wheels. The wheel design is tailored for trucks and SUVs, and it complemented the lowered stance perfectly. To top it off, we incorporated the RK Sport fiberglass front splitter, which added a race-inspired edge to the truck’s appearance. The handcrafted, high-temperature fiberglass piece not only looked the part but also enhanced the truck’s aerodynamics.

A road test was the moment of truth, and the truck surpassed all expectations. The handling was responsive, the ride comfort was notably improved, and the visual impact was simply stunning. This truck was no longer just a vehicle; it was a rolling testament to innovation, style, and performance that defines the heart of Street Trucks magazine.

This kit for the 2015-2020 Ford F-150 includes QA1’s front Pro Coil coilovers and rear drop kit, revolutionizing the suspension system of these trucks. With easy adjustments, truck enthusiasts can dial in their desired ride height while experiencing significant improvements in performance.

Vossen HF6-4 Hybrid Forged wheels were selected since they are manufactured specifically for the truck and SUV market. The HF6-4 is available in five standard transparent finishes and five custom finishes.

A rainy day is a perfect reason to start a truck makeover, so we cleared the lift and brought in the F-150. Removing the front bumper was a no-brainer since we are replacing it anyway, but it doesn’t need to be removed to install the new QA1 suspension

We laid out the new QA1 suspension kit to inventory all the parts. QA1 has an incredible quality control department so we knew we had everything needed to get started.

With the wheel removed, we unbolted the caliper and spindle to make room for the new shocks. This truck already had an aftermarket shock/spring combo installed, although it was not designed for this truck originally.

The new shock and coil setup comes disassembled, so we had to combine the two before installation.

Assembly is very simple and smooth thanks to the great parts from QA1. No spring compressor was needed, and we will see the final height once the parts are installed.

Now the crew can install the new QA1 coilovers using the factory hardware. New shock mount hardware is included. Everything fit perfectly like it was designed by Ford.

The QA1 lowering spindle was then installed, which will give us that extra bit of drop we are looking for.

Now we can tighten the lower coilover bolts in the factory location.

We can also bolt the upper control arm to the new spindle.

After reinstalling the brake caliper, we used a level on the brake rotor to ensure the install went correctly. Everything checked out just right!

We then moved to the rear of the truck and removed the existing aftermarket parts that were already there.

The track bar that was previously installed was not needed with the QA1 kit. It was removed and set aside before removing the leaf spring bolts.

The rear parts from QA1 come powdercoated and engineered for an easy install.

Here, we’re lowering the leaf spring mount to the correct pinion and leaf spring angle.

The flip kit brackets are installed with new U-bolts for making up the majority of the rear drop.

The rear leaf spring hangers were installed next. The combination of the hangers and shackles drops the truck without negatively affecting the ride quality.

The beautiful, new QA1 shocks were then bolted on in the factory shock location.

Before the coilovers were adjusted to their final height, we wanted to get the new bumper painted and installed.

The RK Sport fiberglass front splitter is handcrafted from high-temp fiberglass, which will enhance the truck’s aerodynamics.

The new bumper was painted and installed, and it looks great!

With the bumper installed, the coilovers were adjusted to their final height. The truck sat perfectly.

The rear of the truck dropped right where we wanted it in order to still have a functioning truck even with the bed loaded down.

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