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Fellow truck owners kept asking if I had done any performance upgrades to my truck yet. It was still completely stock, so I began the search for good, reliable improvements that would produce both improved horsepower and fuel economy. It didn’t take long to find information about tuning the factory computer to give the motor more horsepower and torque.

Since the late ’90s, I have always used Hypertech’s products in my vehicles for added horsepower through the company’s computer programming technology. So, when I heard about its latest tuner, I had to check it out.

Max Energy Spectrum Power Programmer

Remove all the items from the package. Make sure everything is there and ready to be installed per the supplied instructions.

After a month of putting Max Energy Spectrum Power Programmer to the test, I can only say wow, this is what my truck needed from day one. Plus, the programming installs in less than 15 minutes without the need for tools or getting your hands dirty. Hypertech’s award-winning Power Tuning adds maximum horsepower, torque and performance for any kind of driving for vehicles using regular and premium fuels. The Max Energy Spectrum also now has a larger backlit LCD screen for quick and easy setup and user-friendly navigation for simple installation, tuning and feature options.

This 3.5-liter EcoBoost powerplant has proven to have great power and fuel efficiency numbers whether I’m driving my day-to-day commute or putting it through different workloads. It delivers more power-per-dollar than any other bolt-on on the market today.

Follow along as we install Hypertech’s Max Energy Spectrum Power Programmer.


Max Energy Spectrum Power Programmer

Connect the supplied Hypertech connector into the factory service port found under the driver-side dash to power the programmer.

Turn the truck to the on position, but do not start the truck.

Hypertech tuning

Follow the prompts on the screen and install your new tuner.

Once finished, you will be prompted to disconnect the cable from the factory service port. That’s it!

Out on the Road

I noticed many improvements while commuting daily and towing our wake boat. Throttle response was greatly enhanced from before. I can definitely feel the turbo boost building faster after tuning the truck. This has improved the fuel economy to go along with this extra power to the ground. On top of all of this newfound excitement, the increased torque output makes each towing trip a breeze.