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Bolting up Belltech Parts to Our ’91 Chevy S10

These complete lowering kits are your all-in-one box solution. Made up of a variety of combinations of our individual lowering components as well as all the grade 8 installation hardware and alignment pieces necessary to achieve the advertised lowering amount, choosing your kit has never been simpler. This combination is perfect for our teenage tester Collin Hagge. Collin’s dad Brian wanted to make his son’s 16th birthday one for the ages, so he handed Collin the keys and let him go. A phone call to Belltech didn’t take long to happen and a Belltech 4-inch front and 5-inch rear suspension kit with Street Performance Shocks was ordered.

We will continue to follow this build throughout its evolution, starting with some new shoes and a tighter stance. Follow Collin Hagge’s Instagram page @in.da.grass.photography for updates on Project High School HAUL’R.

Josh Rowan of Rowan Conceptz was nearby and wanted to contribute to the project. He stepped up to do a rendering for the mini-truck.

This Belltech Part #: 616SP Kit Fits:

  • 1994-2004 Chevrolet S10/S15 Pickup 4 cyl. (Std Cab)
  • 1982-1993 Chevrolet S10/S15 Pickup 4 & 6 cyl. (Std Cab)
  • 1983-1994 Chevrolet Blazer/Jimmy 4 & 6 cyl.

With new wheels installed, it’s clear a lower stance is necessary. Collin ordered a Belltech 4-inch front, and 5-inch rear suspension kit with Street Performance Shocks. Part #616SP

With the truck on jack stands, the wheels are removed, and the teen’s wrench turners can get to work. They need to replace the spindle, spring and shock.

The brake caliper is the first to go and it just takes a few turns of a socket to make it happen. No disconnecting the brake lines needed!

Collin hung the caliper with some zip ties and moved on the hub.

The dust cap, cotter pin and bolt are removed, and the rotor assembly can slide off.

Next, they removed the cotter pin and bolt that hold the steering linkage to the spindle.

With the lower control arm supported with a jack and the spindle removed, Collin can now remove the shock bolts and slowly lower the jack to remove the spring.

With the new spring in place, the jack can be lifted again, and the spindle can be put into place.

The dust shield is next to slide on and then the brakes. It’s probably a lot easier than you think!

Now the teen crew can focus on the rear of their high school hauler. Luckily for them, the leaf spring is already under the axle so it’s an easy install!

First and foremost, the leaf spring U-bolts are removed and thrown away. Belltech supplies all new hardware so this is not needed.

The leaf spring is next to be removed; an impact gun can make quick work of this.

Be sure to support the axle so it can stay in place while you swap out the leaf springs.

The new leaf springs are clearly marked so there is no mistake when installing the new gear.

Lowering blocks and new U-bolts attach the axle to the springs and lower the body the thickness of the blocks.

When lowering the rear of an S10/S15 4-6 inches you must check that the yoke is properly positioned in the transmission. The rear transmission seal must be in the original position on the yoke.

New suspension under this old truck looks great, especially next to those new sporty tires!